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Carrie's second 5 Day Soft PR™ Challenge 

Following on from the extremely successful first 5 Day Soft PR™ Challenge I did in June, I am now doing another version from 13-17 July 2020.

This little 5 Day Challenge will help you become less blonde about PR. I talk about my unique Soft PR™ approach using soft skills, such as compassion, empathy, creativity and love to communicate with the media! 

There are too many people who are like the blonde leading the blonde with publicity… so I'm here to make everything clearer for you.

All you need to do is to sign up via the form below, and you will be directed to the special Facebook Group where all the magic happens!

"Carrie has a magic ability to see you and your market from a different perspective. She sees more in you than you see in yourself and opens up a world of new possibilities. Carrie brings enthusiasm, insight and practicality to the chaotic world of PR."

- Debs Jenkins -

"The Soft PR™ challenge has been fun, inspiring and informative. If you don't think PR is right for you try Carrie's challenge, it will make you think again. Her Soft approach has made me realise that I can, and want, to use PR to help build awareness of my business and brand and that I can do that in a kind, compassionate way through building relationships. Exactly how I like to work."

- Susannah Simmons -

"I absolutely loved Carrie's Soft PR™ 5 Day Challenge. It helped me so much to get clarity on what the media are all about, and how we can connect with them in a loving and good way. Carrie is so much fun, I loved her daily lives full of fun and amazing insights, sharing real life examples, and how to and how not to. I can highly recommend her Soft PR™ Challenge to anyone with a heart." 

- Caroline Palmy -

"The Soft PR™ Challenge by Carrie has been fab! Over five days she’s opened my eyes to what it is, what it isn’t (which is always good to know!) and what possibilities it could bring to me and my business by teaching me where and how to approach PR people in a way that feels more like a person to person approach without being pushy and shouty."

- Tracey Tait -

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