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Carrie's Media Trends 

Every Friday morning Carrie Eddins (aka The Blondepreneur) will bring you her media trends of the week, which will contain news stories which are often mainstream, but not always! Always though created with the intention of being relevant to the audience of a female business owner, like you, to help you to create a deeper emotional bond with them.

Amazingly, with this, Carrie will generously share with you (ie those who sign up for these media trends) a few exclusive insider tips, which she uses with her clients to get them all across the national and international media – yes really!

Carrie will also be including more... she wants to give you a bit more so you courageously take the leap to become more visible to your ideal clients, your community and to the world at large.

This is her raison d'être to inspire you to become the best and most wonderfullest (*yes, a made-up word, which she LOVES doing!) and coolest version of you, to make life-changing, and business-changing impact with the brilliance that is you. 

Carrie is going to – drumroll please...

...each week showcase one of her wonderful VIP clients or VIP members of her community – I know, exciting right?!

These wonderfully talented and utterly lovely ladies will be sharing some of the wisest, coolest tips and strategies which you can use, no matter what stage of business you are at, to grow your business and yourself, as you know you are your BUSINESS, ie it's not just what you do, it's WHO YOU ARE! 

I know right?! Exciting!

Why I set up Carrie's Media Trends

I decided to set up Carrie's Media Trends after after an idea flashed across my mind after one of my now 'non-negotiable' morning meditation sessions.

So, I reached out and asked a few members of my community what they felt and thought about it and – they LOVED IT! 

I had a bit of a 'face palm' moment: why on earth did I not do this any sooner? But the thing is, I am usually just doing my work in the media: tracking, monitoring, emailing, tweeting – it had not even dawned on me until that morning!

I know from chatting to many of you, you simply do not get what PR is or how it works! You are quite honestly, by your own admission, like the blonde leading the blonde... 

You are not alone! Even those of you who have had some PR wins of your own, still have a bit of a blondespot when it comes to leveraging your media coverage, or getting more!

One-off PR wins are not how I do it. So, I intend to with my weekly media trends share with you how to line up the media, and attract them to you, and make you media-worthy. Like with your business you rarely just need or want one client, you want quite a few –same with publicity, you want LOTS, not just one-off pieces of coverage.

Whilst you are in business people need to know about you. One of the best ways ( I admit I am a LITTLE BIASED!), albeit often considered most scariest ways, is publicity. Why? As it will help you be seen by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, to a few million people. Yes really! 

Amazing really. The biggest bonus with publicity is that people see you in the media and BELIEVE you are much better than you might be! I know, I am 100% serious here!

Therefore, you could attract more clients faster, be offered more business opportunities, be able with less effort raise your rates and GROW your business! I know right? What's not to LOVE! Yes, this is STILL true – even in our social media-based world!

My media trends will provide you with ideas that are bang up to date and so zeitgeisty for you to create your own content. For example: blog posts, webinars, memes or videos – even products! It's limitless really. 

I know many of you need to give your brain a break, as you are nearly always on and wired, so these ideas will be something for you to drawn up in your content marketing activities!

And right now these media trends are for free – although in the near future I might add a small investment –the jury is out right now as it's just a playful experiment!

And that's it! Looking forward to sharing with you my media trends! SO much love + giggles, love Carrie Eddins, aka The Blondepreneur x 

PS: I'd LOVE to hear from you, so do get in touch: – remember no question is too blonde – yes really!

PPS: I would LOVE you to note that the media LOVE written content as they are super-busy people, so it's better for THEM to scan written pieces. So, if you are fan of video, get subtitles or even better get them transcribed. Yes really!

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