Carrie Eddins

Dearest Soft PR Challenge Attendee!

I’m so honoured and grateful to have had the pleasure of your company for these 5 Days during my Challenge!

Receiving comments like: 

"You’ve inspired me!"

"You have helped me look at PR in a different light!"

"I love the way you break things down!"

"Thanks so much for sharing what PR really actually is."

"I love the sound of Soft PR™ Carrie it speaks to me!"

And so many other wonderful comments, it really fills me up with joy!

"The Soft PR Challenge by Carrie has been fab! Over five days she’s opened my eyes to what it is, what it isn’t (which is always good to know!) and what possibilities it could bring to me and my business by teaching me where and how to approach PR people in a way that feels more like a person to person approach without being pushy and shouty. If you’ve shied away from PR in the past, jump in to the Soft PR Challenge."

Tracey Tait - Content Marketing Expert -

"The Soft PR challenge has been fun, inspiring and informative. If you don't think PR is right for you try Carrie's challenge, it will make you think again. Her Soft approach has made me realise that I can, and want, to use PR to help build awareness of my business and brand and that I can do that in a kind, compassionate way through building relationships. Exactly how I like to work."

Susannah Simmons - The Software Adoption Doctor -

Well, with that in heart and mind, I wanted to offer you three exclusives deals, ie these will appear nowhere else in the world – seriously – to support you in your learning about Soft PR and how it can transform your business and you to of course! 

These offers are only available to you until 30 June 2020.

Brainy Blonde Deal 1

  • Soft PR Challenge Recordings

Grab the recordings of the Soft PR challenge to watch at your leisure, as the challenge group will close down at the end of next Tuesday 23rd June!

These are available for just £20, so that you can listen to them whenever you want!!

Remember what I am sharing are bang up to date insights, ideas and proven strategies that have got my clients across the national and international media, and even head-hunted too – I know right?!! 

 Investment: £20

Brainy Blonde Deal 2

  • Soft PR for Twitter Video E-course

Grab my Soft PR for Twitter course which is currently priced at £300 for just £45 – which is 70% off!! 

Why Carrie?  Well many of you have reached out to me asking for more insights and more support.

This video-based course, sharing in much more detail how PR works, what the rules of PR are.

I even go onto Twitter and demonstrate exactly what I am talking about with in the moment (*obviously recorded in the moment!!) examples!!


FYI: Transcriptions are coming for this and will be sent to you too so you can swiftly absorb the information!

There will be no input or support from me for this package, so you will be doing it all by yourself…. 

 Investment: £45

Brainy Blonde Deal 3

  • Spring into the Media this Summer 6-week Group Coaching Programme

Spring into the media this Summer is a 6- week group coaching of my Soft PR for Twitter e-course! 

I will be there every day in the group on tap for you to ask me any question you might have – yes really, however ‘blonde!!’

I will be teaching every Monday and answering questions as soon as I can really and in a structured call on Fridays!

This is the closest thing to working with me 1-2-1 without the hefty price tag of several thousand pounds!

You will be able ask me anything about PR too, and I will give you my honest answer and tips!

You will be able to ask me to do things like: 

• Find hashtags for your unique business

• Create unique videos to answer your questions to share in the group!

• Ask me for my professional recommendations for how to approach the media and actually which media to go for and how and when!! 

• I could review your Twitter account and website too and share in the group for us all to benefit!

• I will be bringing your own understanding of Soft PR and actually of course PR up-to-date so you can during or even afterwards start to make some progress with building relationships with key media and even getting some coverage! 

• I will be available in the group to review your pitches and communication to the media.

• I will share with your exclusive tips and ideas which have got my client head-hunted by the media.

• I will share with you how you live Tweet on Twitter too! 

This course is an investment of £697, which if you pay upfront you will get a Connection Recipe created with me valued at £397.

A Connection Recipe is something I created to help you to create emotional connections with your audience! Why? As I say: "CONTENT WITHOUT CONNECTIONS IS LIKE TEA WITHOUT CAKE!"

So, I help you bring what is trademark you and bake your own cake and create emotional connection.

With your own unique Connection Recipe you find people will pay more attention to you, your content will stand out as buying is emotional! Powerful hey? Er absolutely!

So, if you want this too, you will need to pay £697 upfront to get this bonus! 

Alternatively, I have a payment plan of 5 x £150, payable monthly! (This is slightly extra due to the admin charges involved!)

 Investment: £697

And that’s it!

Get in touch if you have any questions! Remember – no question too blonde!

Love Carrie xx

P.S. These offers are available to you until 30 June 2020!!

"Carrie has a magic ability to see you and your market from a different perspective. She sees more in you than you see in yourself and opens up a world of new possibilities. Carrie brings enthusiasm, insight and practicality to the chaotic world of PR."

Debbie Jenkins - Chaos to Creation Expert -

"Carrie has given me the confidence to share my expertise with others, and the best way to speak to journalists and media contacts. I've got a lot to learn, but I'm delighted in the investment I've made in learning from Carrie, I recommend her to anyone looking to grow their influence and exposure through the media. Her personal contacts are amazing, and she gets excellent results for her one to one clients too. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail Carrie. You really care about our success in the media."

Tracey-Jane Hughes - Business Cheerleaders Club -

"I have worked with Carrie Eddins now for some time. I am regularly head-hunted for press comments and paid corporate commissions for prestigious international print and electronic based titles. Through her representation of my work I’ve been featured on BBC national and local radio many times as well as interviewed on television, film and leading podcasts. Carrie is brilliant at creating and maintaining professional relationships with key journalists, influencers and broadcasters. She's highly experienced, effective and well connected. I recommend her most highly if you’re ready to step into the world of high profile PR to evidence your expertise in your field. She gets to really know and understand your place in the market and for me this has meant raising my profile and expert status in my niche. She's brilliant and creates a substantial return on your investment. I highly recommend her work."

Sally Baker - Senior Therapist -

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