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Carrie Eddins welcomes you to become part of her Connection Recipes™ Course for a starter price of £97.  She will share her recipe for creating emotional connection within content. You will join a Closed Facebook Group, and for 10 minutes every day, Carrie will share the process of her recipes. Your interaction with her will provide live feedback for her Connection Recipes book which is due out soon. 

Days to go until the start of Connection Recipes™!

Tea and Cake cartoon

"Content without connection is like tea without cake..." Carrie Eddins

I said this a while ago... jokingly actually...

Creating content whatever kind – emotional connection is what people are REALLY looking for, as that is where they buy – from their EMOTIONS…

It’s what I call a RETURN ON CONNECTION™ or CAKE!

When you reach into people’s hearts, you might pull on their heartstrings – with a story.

Here's an entertaining story: I shared recently how I am a train wreck with packing or what bras have to do with PR!! It had 15,000 views – and is still climbing!

You might have a personal view on something, like mental health, how you believe it’s vital to raise awareness of as you have experienced it. 

You might share information wrapped up in emotions about why you are passionate about making a difference with your work.

You might share

  • that you care about the environment, 
  • that you care about people reaching their potential,
  • that you care about helping people to avoid ICO fines with GDPR,
  • that you want people to know how hard to recover from a relationship breakdown…

To do this, and to reach into people’s hearts, I created something I call – ‘A Connection Recipe™’

This recipe is trademark you! It’s trademark your emotions and your values!


Because to stand out especially as a small business you have the luxury of being able to use and sharing your own personality and values to stand out!

Big corporates do not, they typically have to go through a legal team. Don’t believe me? Read this:

“ Emotions drive decisions, prompt actions, and change mind-sets, leading to strong loyalty and a deep personal connection with a given brand that can extend beyond its rational attributes.”

Dechay Watt, Co-founder of Sprout Content

And there’s more…

One of the founding fathers of Content Marketing, yes there is such as thing, called Mark Schaefer says:

“For the most part, large companies can't take advantage of this. I can only think of a handful of examples where the emotional tie to a company is based primarily on the devotion to an individual – Oprah, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson come to mind. However, it's so much easier for a small business to establish a meaningful emotional connection.”

Mark Schaefer 

Yet, so many of you do not use this freedom of expression to your advantage!

  • Maybe because you do not know how. 
  • Maybe because you are focussing too much on the facts.
  • Maybe because you do not know what your trademark emotional expression is or could be?
  • Maybe you believe people won’t take you seriously if you do this (this is very normal by the way!)?
  • Maybe because you believe it will not work..

NEWSFLASH… do you really want to be out of business this time next year or worse by early next year because you could not bring yourself to try something new!

I am running my ‘Connection Recipe™’ course, as a beta-test for 21 days, via video and check lists.

Creating and then using your own Connection Recipe™, it will help you to SPEAK TO THE HEARTS of ANYONE who consumes your content, or who you communicate with!!


It’s just £97 and it will start on Monday 11th November for 21 days. 

I will be breaking it down and teaching you how to, to create your own Connection Recipe™ which will come from your heart using your own trademark emotional expression to create emotional connection with people who consume your content!

It will be 100% you, and no-one else!

Many people are copying others, and this does not work, how can it? 

It will take 21 days and I will be sharing with you what to do, with whatever content you might be creating! Yes really – written, audio or even video, even any form of communication to be quite honest!!

How do I know this works?

I have used it, myself successfully!

For example: from one Facebook Live I made £5K in a week!

For example: my ‘what do bras have to do with PR post, has had 15,000 views and rising and generated not only leads but opportunities from it!

And even a story about a random tweet has got 12,000 views and rising!!

Get in touch if you want IN!

Love Carrie x

PS Some of you might know that part of my own Connection Recipe™ – is being light-hearted, empathetic, deep and open and being honest even if at times embarrassingly so!!

PPS Remember "content without connection is like tea without cake" – time to call in the "cake lady", aka moi?

PPPS I can create your own Connection Recipe™ for you, if you don’t have the time to do my course for £350 get in touch if you want that. 

PPPPS It’s only £97 this time around, and then it goes up next time!

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