"How to SOFTLY and less BLONDELY spring gently into the media this Spring" in just 6 weeks!

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Dear Lovely Business Owner,


RE: Growing your business in 2020 with publicity?!

Are you looking to do your own PR but are frankly seriously scared about it? (*You are not remotely alone here lovely, I'm still scared as are many others!)

Are you confused about how it works yet you know when it does it raising your profile like nothing else!!

Are you fearing being misquoted by gaining media coverage so want to start slowly, and less blondely with it?

If yes, then you are in the right place this Spring! I am launching my course: "How to softly and less blondely spring yourself into the media this Spring".

But before I reveal any more, you might be wondering who I am and why I am qualified to teach this course? I get you lovely, I totally understand this, and I am like this when I look at investing in courses too!

Carrie Eddins (with parka)
Carrie Eddins

Hi, I’m The Blondepreneur, and I am a publicist and Twitter expert, who helps rebellious, ambitious business owners be seen and heard in the media with Soft PR™. (This is my unique approach to publicity using soft skills like compassion, kindness, empathy, laughter and love with the media, yes really!!)

My clients have been seen across the national and international press in places like on the red couch with BBC Breakfast, to Stylist, to the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, Huffington Post, BBC Radio, Sky News, Mashable, Natwest, the Independent, the Irish Times and Irish Independent, Newstalk FM, GQ Magazine, to name but a few!!

I have had my clients head-hunted by the British, the Irish and the American media from their coverage and their tweeting activities.

Personally, I have been in the Sunday Times, the Independent, Mashable, BBC News, BBC Radio Two’s Jeremy Vine’s Show, the Metro and Cosmopolitan magazine, for example.

This course is for you if you are ready to ramp up your profile and grow your business this year starting this Spring! 

This course is for you if you ready to update your understanding of publicity in 2020, which happens more digitally than ever before!

This course is for you if you are ready to understand how the media works, which is very different to how marketing works!


This course is not a quick-fix or a magic pill, soooo if you are looking for that, then I'd hop off this page right now lovely!!

This course is NOT for you, if if you are into quick-fixes as you will have to do the work!

Remember that wise quote: "Nothing changes until you do", and the same applies here with publicity!

This course is NOT for you, if you come with a ‘demanding diva’ attitude with the media, in that you believe because you have this book or this product that you are entitled to media coverage, as you will be ghosted super-fast!

During this course you will have exclusive access to me, virtually on 'speed dial', as your success is my success!

During this course you will be hand-held through minute details like how to set up your Twitter account, to working out what your hashtags are, to finding and nurturing relationships with key journalist.

During this course you will be supported whilst you 'put your 'big knickers on', and actually start to respond to media requests in a way which will gain a response from them media instead of hearing nothing back!

During this course you will have my exclusive attention, second only to my VIP clients, to help you to just 6 weeks to understand and be able to use my SoftPR™ approach with is using soft skills to communicate with the media, such as kindness, generosity, patience, empathy, laughter and indeed love!

My SoftPR™ approach is what I advocate , as soft is strong in my own humble view!
It is used because the media are bombarded 24/ 7 with people be the exact opposite and I believe using SoftPR™, the anti-entitlement works like a charm, and it is why my clients have been and are repeatedly head-hunted, which obviously I want you to be?! Right!!! 

What you will learn to understand...

Understand concept 1

Understand that publicity now happens literally moment by moment live in Twitter ,so we will spend a chunk of our time on there live at times!

Understand concept 2

Understand the rules of the media and how different they are to marketing and how to play these rules to not only win but be head-hunted by the media itself!

Understand concept 3

Understand how to find your target journalists and how to softly and less blondely nurture those relationships tweet by tweet!

Understand concept 4

Understand what publicity looks like in 2020, very clearly from how it looks in terms of print media, online media, radio, television and podcasts, yes, I really will as it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize, of that all important media coverage right?! RIGHT!!

Understand concept 5

Understand the power of live tweeting and being to actually to this to dramatically increase the reach and impact of your Tweets, and attract the media to you by your tweets alone!

The benefits of this course...

Benefit 1

Being in the media people automatically take you seriously and think you are an authority in your field, yes even with social media!

Benefit 2

Being in the media people who were on the fence about working with you, suddenly hop a bit closer and want to work with you!

Benefit 3

Being in the media creates opportunities, as you will be seen and heard by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people!

Benefit 4

Being in the media you will generate more targeted leads!

Benefit 5

Being in the media will cause people to head-hunt you for interviews, or opportunities instead of you chasing them!! Yes really!

Benefit 6

Being in the media, you will supercharge the growth of your tribe and profile like nothing else!! Yes even in 2020, in fact more so in 2020!!

But seriously Carrie why do I need publicity it's like 2020 surely social media is far more important?

Blonde Newsflash: yes social media is important, as is publicity, it is not a question of either or, it is actually BOTH!!

Publicity is a game-changer for businesses wanting to raise their profile, as it causes people to take them far more seriously!

Publicity help you to be seen, and heard by thousands if not hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions more people, can you actually imagine what that might do to your business?

Publicity not only helps generate leads, it generates opportunities and SALES! Right? Yes, really as people suddenly think that you actually know what you are talking about when they discover you in the media!!

This 'How to softly and less blondely course will be delivered through Zoom and there will be downloadable cheat sheets and guides to support you during this six weeks.

Rather you will have a'blonde' yours truly, leading you less blondely through this subject!! LOL! Sorry, I could not resist!!!

Any more questions, please do get in touch and remember no question too blonde!! Yes really!!!

Before I got into the details of what it will look like…

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients Sally Baker:

“I have worked with Carrie Eddins now for some time. I am regularly head-hunted for press comments and paid corporate commissions for prestigious international print and electronic based titles. Through her representation of my work I’ve been featured on BBC national and local radio many times as well as interviewed on television, film and leading podcasts. Carrie is brilliant at creating and maintaining professional relationships with key journalists, influencers and broadcasters. She's highly experienced, effective and well connected. I recommend her most highly if you’re ready to step into the world of high profile PR to evidence your expertise in your field. She gets to really know and understand your place in the market and for me this has meant raising my profile and expert status in my niche. She's brilliant and creates a substantial return on your investment. I highly recommend her work!”

- Sally Baker, Senior Therapist -

Here are the all important details:

Week One

Monday 4th May, 1-2pm
Thursday 7th May, 
7-8pm (Q & A)

Week Two

Monday 11th May, 1-2pm
Thursday 14th May, 
7-8pm (Q & A)

Week Three

Monday 18th May, 1-2pm
Thursday 21st May, 
7-8pm (Q & A)

Week Four

*Tuesday 26th May, 1-2pm
Thursday 28th May, 
7-8pm (Q & A)

(*Note change of day!)

Week Five

Monday 1st June, 1-2pm
Thursday 4th June, 
7-8pm (Q & A)

Week Six

Monday 8th June, 1-2pm
Thursday 11th June,
7-8pm (Q & A)

Remember you will have me on speed dial for the entire 6 weeks, so if you have question you can just tag me and ask me in the group!

And you will be able to catch up any missed weeks on replay. 

Cool right? RIGHT!! 

But before I go, here’s a link to a a few Frequently asked Questions which I wrote, which I sense will help you answer a lot of the FAQ’s you might have.


Any more, get in touch!

So are you with me? I’d so love to help you gently and less blondely launch yourself into the media this SPRING!!

**Note I will be running another one of these in June too, but if you are ready to learn how to gently and less blondely learn how to spring yourself into the media this Spring, then this is the course!

And here’s another testimonial just in case:

“Having worked with Carrie for several months I am simply stunned by what she has helped me to achieve. When I initially engaged Carrie to work for me, my original brief was to simply raise my profile in the media. However, I didn't realise she would successfully get me on high profile channels such as BBC Five Live, BBC WM, and ITV's GMTV. What I also didn't expect from Carrie was how she has coached me about the media to be more strategic about how I am become visible to them. She has done so much to raise my profile, but always been there to coach me through tough decisions too. Carrie is an absolute delight to work with and a lot of fun too. If you want to raise your profile in the media by working with someone who is honest, experienced, authentic and down right lovely, then Carrie Eddins is the girl you need to call first.”

- Susan Marot, Sales Coach and Mentor -

Are you with me?

* You will have to do some work with this, it is not a magic bullet or a quick-fix!! HEAVENS NO!

Remember, no question too blonde with me, so get in touch if you have any!



Love Carrie x

P.S. I won’t be running this course live again until the autumn! 

P.P.S. If you ready to FINALLY BE SEEN AND HEARD in the world through PUBLICITY then REMEMBER that IT IS still THE ULTIMATE SUPERCHARGER FOR THIS! Typically, PR is very expensive, and this course is a fraction of what it costs to hire me, so can you afford not to give yourself and your business this opportunity!? Maybe not?!!!

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