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Re: Roots before branches

Dear Lovely Business Owner

When I speak to prospective clients, they are typically mega excited about where they want to be in the media and often pretty specific:

"Carrie, I want to be on the red couch on BBC Breakfast!"

"Carrie, I want to be on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday!"

"Carrie, I want to be in Forbes!"

"Carrie, I want to be in the Sunday Times!"

"Carrie, I want to be on BBC Radio 4's Woman's hour!"

"Carrie, I want to be on This Morning!"

"Carrie, I want to be on the Late, Late Show!"

"Carrie, I want to be on Sky News!"

"Carrie, I want to be in Psychologies Magazine!"

You get the picture!

All possible, and everyone except the Late Show in Ireland, I have achieved for my clients.

Although my client was called up... I digress...

All the above are what I call 'PR branches', which are best worked towards once you have the 'PR Roots' in place.

Many people do not, so they are like the blonde leading the blonde – without any vague notion of a PR Strategy – or rather ROOTS!!

Just clutching at pieces of media coverage and... well, wondering why they are not getting the bigger branches!

Whether you are right at the start of your PR journey or are some way in, there is a strong likelihood that you do not really know where you are going.

There is a strong likelihood that you have not really woken up to the enormous potential you have as both a person and a business to secure publicity.

Yes, newsflash, now people want actually to know who you are as a person and therefore, media coverage is not just about your business, yes really!

So I have created 'Personalised PR Reports' to help you!

  • If you are unsure where to start on your publicity journey
  • Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire someone like me to do it
  • If you are clueless about' the roots' of publicity or media coverage
  •  I can help clear your mind

If you really want to be on BBC Breakfast, in Forbes, in Psychologies, Fast Company, or whatever your dream publication, but need to work towards it.

'Personalised PR Reports' are for you!

How it works:

  • I send you a series of questions.
  • Once these have been answered, I create a report helping you look at your roots and branches in the media, at whatever stage in your business you might be or at whatever stage on your publicity journey!!
  • Why? This report will help you understand your potential and help you start to look at a PR Strategy!

"I am a complete novice when it comes to PR. If I am honest, it scares me a little bit. However, I am also curious about how PR can help me to help others. Carrie's PR Report was perfect to get started. The process was so simple and straightforward and Carrie's compassion and warmth made it even easier! The report was insightful and made me realise that I have stories and, indeed, opinions worth sharing. Now, I have a clear idea of what my PR strategy looks like. It's not so scary after all and if I dare it, it is quite exciting! "

I have three levels of this:

For this level, I will spend 30 minutes putting together a small report 3-5 pages and send it back to you within two weeks.

You will get a medium-sized report of 6-10 pages and then 60 minutes on a Zoom call with me going through it. You will get a recording of this too!

You will get a whopper sized report of 11-15 pages and then 90 minutes on a Zoom call with me going through it. You will get a recording of this too!

Any questions just ask me! No question too blonde!

And that's it!

People often just need to take a peek into a 'PR brain,' like me, which is what this does so you can start to see and understand your PR roots and what PR branches to aim for!

Love Carrie Eddins x

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