Mastering the Basics of PR Cohort Live (75 x 36 in)

Are you looking to prepare to go into the media in 2024 but don't know where or how to do this? 

Then my Mastering the Basics of PR Cohort Live is for you 

The investment is £555 

Mastering the Basics of PR Cohort Live

Over the course of four weeks, my super talented colleague Anica Broms and I will go through what you need to prepare to go into the media, as yes, you need to prepare to go into the media.

This course starts on Monday 11 March 2024, 6.30pm to 8pm

and again on Monday 18 March, Monday 25 March and Monday 1 April. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Some of what is included in this jammed-packed course:

  • how the media works
  • what the rules are
  • what media coverage actually looks like
  • what photos to have
  • how you will be able to fit into the media
  • how to make that all-important first impression so that the media pick you, not your competitors
  • how to build and nurture relationships with the media in real-time
  • how to find and respond to media opportunities
  • How to get your mindset right – which is supremely important as it is unlike any other marketing activity!

During our four 90-minute sessions together, you will get all of your 'media ducks in a row'.

This will mean that come 2024, you will be able to get going to attract the attention of the media, raise your profile, and amplify your authority to have the impact you desire and deserve!

All classes are recorded, and we are available to answer your questions on the journey through our very own group chat set up on Telegram. Get in touch to book your place!

The value of this is that it will save you hours of your precious time reading books, listening to podcasts, or watching TikToks. We bring our complementary experience to your PR table so you can get your heart and head around how the media works in less than a month.

Here's what Susannah Simmons (aka Random Reena herself! ) said about her experience in our recent Mastering the Basics of PR course:

" I enrolled in the Mastering the Basics of PR course after receiving an insightful PR report. The report gave me excellent insights into leveraging media for my business, but I felt a bit lost in implementing it. The four-week course was a game-changer and it came at the perfect time, coinciding with the launch of my first book."

The investment for this course is £555 

and Karen Bashford said of her experience: 

Sarah Simmon's testimonial

The Ultimate 6-month PR Cohort

The investment is £3,000 when paid in full, or £555 in six instalments (£3,300) 

Starting Monday 29 January 2024, 9am to 12noon

Your mission is more important than their judgement! 

Yes becoming more visible you will attract some people who will judge you . 🥹

You will attract some people who will cheerlead you! 👏

You will attract some who will be mightily jealous of you!🥹

You will attract super fans who will love and support you regardless 💕

You will attract those looking to bring you down at any and every moment 🥹

Decide today to become more visible whatever !😘

Do it for you and your own needs 👏

Do it for your family👏

Do it for the future version of you who will thank you for even if shaking making the decision to become more visible 👏

Do it for future generations who will bask in your courage to get them moving 👏

Do it for your future audience who thank you for being the answer to their prayers as they had no idea you existed 👏

Do it for your soul who has been ready for lifetimes to support you right now on your current mission 👏

Do it!!

Long-term investment will support you in fulfilling your mission! 
So, drumroll please...

I introduce my ultimate 6 month long PR Cohort. 

The investment for this will be £555 per calendar month, or £3,000 if you pay in full (saving £330).
This is for those of you who have got your PR ducks in a row and are not complete beginners.
You might have already done our Mastering the Basics of PR course or you might have secured some media coverage yourself, or have hired help recently or in the past.
It's for that in-between investing in the PR management stage when you are like the blonde leading the blonde and doing it all by yourself.
For those struggling and, more importantly, wasting hours of precious time trying to figure it all out.
During our time together, Anica and I will help you professionally prepare to launch yourself into the media, with grace, ease, and eye-catching pitches.
We will also support you in grabbing those opportunities while working together.
We will host two sessions a month starting on Monday 5th February from 9-12 pm. for the deep dive session, and on Friday 9th from 10-11.30 am. All sessions will be recorded, and you will have access to both of us in an exclusive Telegram group.
We help you put together your targeted press list and help you craft an attention-grabbing pitch so that the journalists not only open your email but they actually positively respond and want to feature you.
You will discover under our guidance how to craft and hone your pitching abilities and learn how to tune into the media landscape and become both pro-active, ie planning ahead like for Easter and summer now, and responsive or reactive - how to jump on breaking news stories with ease to get them to head-hunt you!
So many people might try to pitch to the media and then just do not understand why something did not work.
Anica and I will break things down for you, and share with you our proven strategies.
Just this week, we have got a Producer from Steph's Packed Lunch interested in not one but two of our clients, yup really!
We've also had clients feature this month in Fortune magazine Forbes, both of which are classified as 'top tier media,' ie hard to come by and highly revered!
This year alone we have secured a global viral media campaign from one crucial BBC interview which led to television interviews, and then the story trending on Google and around the world!
We have also had one of our clients featured on television nearly 10 times!! Yup really!!
Together, you will discover that so much of getting into the media is like comedy. It's all in the timing, and to reach this point, it's all in the preparation!
You will get to practice with the two of us how to communicate effectively with the media so that they want to hear from you and will in time head-hunt you too. Under our watch; we will support you with sending your pitches off to the media, which will prove priceless! So you will get to discover what works and what doesn't!
During the course you will master the skills to secure media coverage regularly so that you can raise your authority to stand out from your competition, and have the impact you deserve and desire; finally!
We will teach you how to secure all those opportunities you really want, whether that be events and speaking opportunities, online or in print press or TV, radio, and podcasts. we will cover it all!
We will help you to write pitches to speak at events and apply for awards too as part of the Cohort too. Anica Broms has successfully pitched her clients to Dragons Den and for Ted Talks, fyi 🔥
£3,000 in full or £555 over 6 months

If you pay in full you will save £330!

We will personally interview a select number of you for this, as it needs to have the right balance of people.

This will be deep, and intensive that will truly help you shift your visibility needle in 2024. If you are interested in any of our courses, email me back to arrange a call with Anica and me. 
Below are two testimonials for both Anica and myself, from our long-term clients.
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