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Debs Jenkins

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Dear Lovely Business,

I know you really want to become more visible in the world so that you grow your impact, increase your audience and make a real difference to the world and your bottom line.

You are here to light up the world with your brilliance! I get it.

Many of you want to do this by getting media coverage through learning how to do it from someone like me, especially on Twitter, or by hiring someone like me to do it for you!

However, my first PR Mentor Steve Harrison pointed out this secret to me, which so many don't know or understand.

It's about accepting and realising the incredible opportunities you have in the world at your fingertips!

Chat soon, much love Carrie x

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energy and how the moon can help you become more visible!

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Susannah Simmons

"Use PR to help build awareness of my business and brand and that I can do that in a kind, compassionate way through building relationships. Exactly how I like to work."

Caroline Palmy

"Carrie helped me so much to get clarity on what the media are all about, and how we can connect with them in a loving and good way."

Tracey Tait

"Carrie has opened my eyes to what PR is, what it isn’t (which is always good to know!) and what possibilities it could bring to me and my business."

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