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What's involved?

How to engage effectively on Twitter

Some people's comments on a news story are too extreme, divisive or just belligerent! Being too extreme in 2019 no longer cuts it. Get your point across without sounding like a psychopathic narcissistic; you need to be someone who can be open and receptive to other people's viewpoints.

Where to find the right people to help you

You wanted to be featured in Forbes magazine. You need to start following the right people for this, and commenting on their tweets, so that they get to know who you are. Also make sure you follow and comment on those who work for them, as you will get a far better results if you do.

Which areas on Twitter are the most useful

It usually takes me a matter of seconds to locate a journalist online; yes really. If you want to gain media coverage this year, you need to know and see where they are online so that you can build a picture of who they are and what they are saying, so you can join in their conversation and add value to that.

"When I heard on the Twittervine that Carrie Eddins, PR Queen, had a Twitter Masterclass, I just knew it was going to be a doozie! Since my return to the UK just over 2 years ago, Carrie has helped me get more 'publiciTEA' for my business by being my eyes and ears, building relationships with journalists and looking for 'opportuniTEAs' for which I've been put forward for, using Twitter. I have been on TV, radio and national publications all down to Carrie's amazing work. If you want more publicity for your business, you need that Twitter Masterclass. Twitter (and Instagram to a lesser extent) is where the journalists hang out, so if you want to do it right, book now. You won't be disappointed."

May King Tsang

Twitter StraTEAgist

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What does it contain?

Explain how to use Twitter effectively

You do not have unlimited time to learn how to master Twitter where stories break, and how to gain and LOSE media opportunities in a second!

Explain how journalists work on Twitter

You have a few minutes each day to watch short bite-sized tips and strategies helping you make those all-important business-changing shifts that help you understand how publicity works in 2019, instead wasting listening to webinars or reading books or endless blogs!

Shows you a different approach towards PR 

Instantly you will have saved yourself 10,000 hours going it alone in the ‘media trenches,’ as you will part of my community and be able to ask me for guidance and input during the course and for several months afterwards – SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY!

Carrie is an excellent teacher and mentor when it comes to PR. I find her energy both grounding and enthusiastic and her approach to building connections a refreshing change. She took the "pain" out of Twitter for me and helped me see how it worked easily and effectively when you use the right strategy. Working with Carrie enabled me to get pieces in two national newspapers along with regular articles in Huffpost and Thrive Global."

Louise Cartwright

High Performance Coach

Carrie Eddins

Hi, I’m Carrie Eddins

Carrie Eddins has been chatting to people has ever since  she was a child; it has always been something that came naturally to her, and nothing has changed. Carrie still loves a good natter with well pretty much anyone, anytime, anyplace and anywhere :) She has always been able to reach into people’s  hearts and feel what they are feeling. She knows if they are speaking truthfully or not.


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