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Carrie EddinsCarrie Eddins has been chatting to people has ever since  she was a child; it has always been something that came naturally to her, and nothing has changed. Carrie still loves a good natter with well pretty much anyone, anytime, anyplace and anywhere:) She has always been able to reach into people’s  hearts and feel what they are feeling. She knows if they are speaking truthfully or not.

It took her a long time to realise that this was actually a huge gift in business and for her to have the courage to take this gift seriously and bring it to market in her business. She has spent a long time trying to be someone who she was not, and it is only quite recently that she has come out with her gifts proudly, and even set up a company called: ‘The Blondepreneur Ltd,’ honouring her creativity, her light-heartedness, her sensitivity and her innate entrepreneurialism .

Now she gets paid to reach into people’s hearts for a living and to help people to express themselves fully and share their hearts with the world through their business, as Carrie believes in the power of their business heart to create emotional connection with their audience and she does this through her deep, and unique processes called ‘ SpiritualPR™,’ and the Flawed Heroine™.

Carrie adores what she does and sometimes can find it tricky to switch off, so a walk in the woods with her loved ones, a hot bath, a rom com or, of course, a heartfelt natter and a giggle over tea and cake helps her to relax and detach from her work.  Her favourite form of transport is a train, so she loves just sitting and chatting to people on trains too.

Recently, Carrie has taken up a new hobby of sewing, and has bought two lots of material to make some dresses which she is excited about. Thankfully, she can learn to do so from her patient mum who is helping her with this, a lifelong seamstress herself. I am sure pictures will be posted on social media once she has finished something, that’s for sure.

She is really into mastering communication, so is shortly going to start to learn about how to use comedy as a way of communicating with her audience. First though, she needs to discover her own style, which she suspects will be a bit like one of her favourite comedians Melissa McCarthy; except maybe less physical, as Carrie bruises easily :).

At heart, Carrie is an animal lover, and has been a vegetarian for most of her life and is now a committed vegan. She loves learning about how to make the world a better place, and is especially inspired by people doing things to reduce waste, especially in the oceans around the world.

Her current favourite podcast is by her friend and client Sashka Hanna Rappl, called the No-Name Podcast, and then it is the lovely Lewis Howes’ Podcast which she loves too. She is due to read a few books soon, such as the new Brene Brown book, Mel Robbin’s the Five Second Rule, and Lisa Nicholls’s Abundance now, all of which she will review during her forthcoming video series.

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