Discover a game-changer secret about PR here! 

Communication without connection is like tea without cake.

Dear Lovely Business Owners...

Be kind, be helpful, be you!

Do you want to create an emotional connection to increase your buying potential?

Would you like to know how a meaningful impact can give you more conversions?

FACT: A Gartner Report in 2015 said that buyers are spending only 32% of their purchasing journey interacting with our content and our sales people ... 32%!

Are you banging out content with it falling on deaf ears and closed hearts?

Do you have a female audience who you are struggling to speak to?

HINT: When you talk to women like men, they won't hear you!

FACT: Women make up 85% of consumer purchases. 

That's what I do, I'm the 'Cake Lady', I help you create an emotional connection, especially with women. 

Here's an example:

Light under a bushel

Once upon a time a London-based therapist decided she wanted to be seen by at least 100,000 more people. She had had enough of hiding her light under a bushel. 


She was introduced to a hard-working publicist, and as a result she started to get media coverage in bigger places – from the Metro to Stylist Magazine, from BBC Radio to the Daily Telegraph – to name just a few!


She started to feel better and brighter. Now, she regularly gets head-hunted by the media, gets paid by the BBC and she was head-hunted after live tweeting by the American media.


And she has been offered handsomely paid Corporate PR opportunities because of her media coverage. To say she's thrilled is an understatement. 

So do you want this sort of publicity too? Then get in touch! Carrie Eddins x

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