If I had to start again with PR I’d lead with content


Dear Lovely Business Owner,

As we start our new year; it’s that inevitable time for review our lives. We all tend to review what might have worked and not worked so far this year! It’s natural and normal.

My Content Recommendation

I have been doing this, and it has dawned on me that I need to create much more content and much more consistently!

Now businesses in 2019 cannot avoid the necessity for content creation, not at all!

I admit, whilst I have a routine for my PR activities which will be the focus of a blog post coming very soon, but I am far less consistent with my content creation which I know I need to remedy fast!!

Recently, I have been asked about what I would do if I had to start again with PR, and my plain and simple answer is, is that I would lead with content, yes really!

Why content marketing

Why Carrie? Quite simple now in 2019, when you are doing PR or having it done for you, you need content!

Content is at the heart of your publicity journey and without it, you will not be a lasting success, which is our intention isn’t it? Not just one-off brilliance.

The journalists, editors, and producers are looking around on the web to see if you are actually who you claim to be!

They prefer to scan written content with your stories, your experiences and your opinions about current and relevant events in the media.

Why Content creation can be tough

The thing is, is that content creation which is, of course, a key marketing activity, is often not done regularly enough!   I know I can find that it is far too time-consuming, and too much effort at times..

Many people find it hard to come up with compelling content, or even just content of any description,  that their ideal clients will consume! Many do not know their who their ideal client is either! So, they do create content regularly or keep putting it off..

Can you relate? I know I can, but this post is about you obviously 🙂

When you have written content in place, the media are much more likely to take you seriously and want to work with you!

Of course, you need to have something that is relevant to their audience, but without written content, it makes them less likely to say yes to you!

Recommending  Follow Content Marketing people who speak to you

There are many flavours of Content Marketing experts out there and it truly depends on your audience.

People, that I truly love and respect, are people like Nicole Osbourne from Lollipop Social, Samantha Kelly, the Tweeting Goddess,  Julia Bramble, Lewis Howes, and indeed Mark Schaefer who is one of the founding people of the entire Content Marketing idea.

Some people like content that is purely logical and fact-based whilst others like me and my audience prefer more personal, story-led and emotional content. Whichever approach you choose, make sure it suits your audience as it is the most powerful way to showcase who you are, what you are about and how you are. With great content it helps the media want to know you a bit better without it, they are quite simple onto the next person!

Love Carrie x

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