Imposter Syndrome & trauma meant I failed to celebrate my biggest win!

imposter syndrome

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

ReadFrom just one tweet “GDPR is a process not a deadline, @Annabel Kaye,”
( April 2018)

I attracted phenomenal media opportunities…

Firstly, she was booked onto a BBC radio4 Moneybox programme onto a panel discussion about GDPR…

Then trusting my instincts and breaking all of the PR rules; ok well a lot of them…

I waited until the launch week of GDPR (2018) and waited and waited on Twitter ready to pounce on the last minute opportunities as I knew in my gut from spending far too many hours on Twitter that they would come…

And they did just before 10am on the Monday of that week !

As soon as I saw the #journorequest on Twitter from someone from the BBC radio 5 live’s breakfast team, wanting a GDPR expert to chat in their studio on Tuesday am… I pounced!!

Within minutes we were on the phone and less than an hour later Annabel was booked in!

A car would be picking her up at 6.15 and she would arrive in their studio for 6.45 am; as she lived in London at the time!

On she went and she went down so well just as we were debriefing they rang me up to call her back onto the show!

Whilst she went back on a dream scenario occurred I had BBC news television, BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Belfast, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 pm show; and a couple of others. I actually jumped for joy in my kitchen!!

In less than a week, my client Annabel had been on BBC radio 9 times and BBC television four times yup twice on BBC breakfast and twice on BBC news…

But I just couldn’t fully celebrate it …

Why could I not celebrate?

I was stuck in my trauma response…
( of freezing and disassociation)

Looking back on myself with compassion as I brushed off the compliments awkwardly…

I was recommended to enter a few PR awards competitions at the time, all within the time frame but I was too embarrassed didn’t feel I deserved too!!

Inside I was deeply uncomfortable and even embarrassed! Again a trauma response… and worried it was a fluke!!

Have you ever done really well and found it hard to celebrate?!

Love Carrie x

p.s If you are looking to become more visible this year holistically, get in touch!

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