7 ways to maximise your PR win

maximise your PR win

Dear Lovely Business Owners,

Now, here’s a blog post about 7 ways to maximize your PR win as I know many of you are looking for help with this, so here’s that question answered!

Let me walk you through an example from a lady I know called Alice Bromage, who today gained a wonderful PR win in the Daily Telegraph. Here’s the story: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/01/04/revealed-team-british-women-behind-first-female-anti-poaching/

In this post, I will share 7 ways I would maximise this  PR win if I were Alice!

1. Pin your piece onto your Twitter page.

So, I would recommend that Alice pins the link for this story, above, to her Twitter page, or someone who is helping her with her publicity, like me, see the Tweet below, which at the time of writing this, is pinned to my own Twitter Profile page:

To pin a Tweet you Tweet it out, and then, you click on the arrow drop down at the side of the Tweet, which has on the 4th item down ‘ pin to your profile page,’ so you click on that!  Before you pin this PR win out or Tweet about it,  do step number two.


2. Create a relevant quote

This quote must be relevant to the story but speak to the issue in a much more expansive way, which would appeal to other media publications and outlets.

For example: here’s a Tweet Alice wrote and I tweeted out for her which does this below.  This speaks about how women from a diverse background, which is highly topical communiciate.

3. Note down your media dream list

For example;  you might write down, BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 4s Woman’s Hour, BBC World Service, Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio Two show,  This Morning, Grazia Magazine, the Femail section in the Daily Mail.

The Key thing to consider here is that it is not your media dream list rather the media dream list where your audience or your prospects are!  So, this list might be slightly different to what media you consume or would like to be in, yes really!

4. Tag journalist for your target media

Here’s an example. I have tagged for Alice, BBC Woman’s Hour, a lady from Radio 4, Jeremy Vine and Kay Burley from Sky News. This will put you on their radar and will help to get their attention.


This strategy alone has resulted in two of my clients getting media coverage. I  got Annabel Kaye who is a GDPR expert; amongst other things, on a panel talking about GDPR on Radio 4’s Money Box programme.

Also, my client Sally Baker, through my recommendation, tweeted BBC Radio 4 Woman’s hour and was just from one Tweet invited into the show, yes really!

5. Research your target media

Before you contact the media directly, I would recommend you understand a bit about their media. So, read their articles, or pieces watch their show and listen to them present!

This will help you to convince them that you know what they are about and what they stand for when you contact them, even if you might not!

You do not need to spend endless hours on this, either but you will find it is a wonderful thing, and a real courtesy to have done this, and they will feel it too!

You will know yourself when people know who you are and what you are about, it feels wonderful to be seen and heard; even if only a little!

When you do this, it creates a connection which we all crave, so makes you pay interest in what someone is saying to you, and it’s the same with the media!

6. Contact the media directly.

Once you have done all of the above, I would recommend that you contact them directly. This might mean that you email them or ring them up.

You need to ensure where possible that you are as accurate as possible when you do this. For example: rarely do you go to the radio Presenter directly, instead, you would go for one of their researchers or Producers or Production Assistants.

You might not know who to contact so just ring them up!  When yo ring up the show, or programme, or paper or magazine and ask who would be the best person to speak to.

Do not beat yourself up for this, as sometimes you just do not know and that’s perfectly okay! It’s often faster to just pick up the phone than Googling or scrolling through Twitter!

7. Follow up! 

This might sound a bit daft, but seriously follow up!  Follow up do not hound, or be a demanding diva. Just email them a few days later and ask if they have any thoughts.

Bear in mind, that many of them; especially the big national journalists are supremely busy so might not have time to respond to you!

This is not personal, as  it could be that they are not interested or just that they have been on a tight deadline and have not had time to say:

” Carrie, it’s a wonderful idea, can you send me more info, I would love to have a chat with Alice on my Programme,’ so says the lovely Mr Jeremy Vine. Well, you never know, it is rather an inspiring story!

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Note, it is an affiliate link, as I am part of a business community and we are supporting each other with this business bundle.

I’d love to know how you get on with the 7 strategies above! Do let me know.


Love Carrie x

p.s If you wanted to support Alice Bromage and the Black Mambas here’s the link for their fundraising page: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=AliceBromageBlackMambaTraining&pageUrl=3

p.p.s Maximise your win by Kickstarting your PR here for just £99 instead of £297: https://www.navigatebusinessevents.com/?affiliate=carrieroc

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