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Dear Lovely Business Owner,

This week, my client Louise Cartright, was featured in the second biggest newspaper in the UK, The Sun.  It was a wonderful moment, for both of us, which I know will lead to many more opportunities for her, which is rather exciting!

Many of you have been in touch with questions about how to get coverage in a National newspaper yourself, so in this post I am spelling out exactly how I did it, so that you can do it yourself

How can you do this too ?

This opportunity came about because I responded on Twitter.
Yes really.

24/7 There is something called #journorequest

  • The principle is the same in the US, with #HARO

You have to respond quite honestly in the moment.

I do spend a lot of my day live on Twitter, following them and creating relationships with the media, as you know that’s what

I do!

For you, I would suggest you consider, spending one morning a week, even if 2-3 hours, and you check the #journorequest Hashtag.

You will discover, yes there are some bloggers, who if in your niche, can be influential, who are posting with guest blog post opportunities.

You will discover too that big media players, like newspapers, the BBC NEWS, and television shows do post there too.
It is pot luck, it is though very possible to get a huge win.

What I did, was I responded to The Sun journalist; literally within minutes.

You will discover that as you do this, there are typically quite a few others who do this too.

The earlier you do this the better!

I recommend that you tweet something to them like:

” Hi x, I might be able to help you, can you DM me more info?

Then they will either realise that they have to follow you back, and DM you, or they might tweet you back an email.

Then you hop on your email and you respond v fast.

You say: ” thanks for the information, I do such and such, or I have such and such opinion about this. Is that what you are looking for; if so what’s your deadline? ”

And that’s how it works. Then they will say yes or no to you!

If yes, you might well have to follow up with them a few days later about if it made the cut, and when it out as they often do
not have the time to do this themselves as they are onto the next thing!!

If it is a no, you just say something like: ” Sorry I cannot help you this time, do keep me in mind for anything in the future, as I would love to help you, or I might well know someone else who can help you. Wishing you every success with the piece.”

You have to remember whilst they would be promoting you, it is all about them and how you can help them! ie Oftentimes, ie if you have a business, it can be indirectly related to your business; like with Louise’s piece, it was not about money but her relationship, yet by appearing in such a mainstream paper, she will have reached her audience, and that’s how it works!

And that’s it!! Thats really it!!

Any questions just ask me!

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Carrie on a Mission to help people just like you get seen+ heard in 2018,
LoVe Carrie x


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Carrie Eddins

  • Sarah Arrow says:

    Congrats to you and your client Carrie, I saw the shot you shared on FB. Well done <3

    • CarrieROC says:

      THanks Sarah, all started with you, giving me a nudge!! x

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks so much Sarah 🙂 Really appreciate your comment and your support, as always 🙂

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