5 PR predictions for 2019

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

First of all of all happy new year! May it be your best year ever; filled with love joy, prosperity and everything you desire!

I know, I am very excited about what 2019 and have quite a few things I want to build on, like my hot yoga practice, my sewing, my public speaking and workshop-leading, and getting more organised, but that’s a post for another time!

Right, here are my 5 PR predictions for 2019.

PR will become even more responsive

By this I mean,  that PR opportunities will be created fast and in-the-moment even more in 2019. For example: because people live out their lives now online, and news stories and trends are literally set on Twitter 24/7, PR opportunities are created literally in moments.

This means, that there will be, like last year, in my view a rise in the number of last-minute, and happening in the moment opportunities which will happen, for those who are paying attention.

Those people who are planning ahead without looking at what is happening in-the-moment will literally miss out further,  This is because,  PR has evolved so much last year by being even more responsive and this year, I just believe it will continue this year.

For example: I have been able to literally jump on many PR opportunities this year just by being on Twitter during certain times of the day, and landed PR for my clients across the national press in places like the Daily Telegraph, the Sun, the Daily Mail and into Cosmopolitan magazine on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour to name but a few.

PR will get more social

By this I mean, that, the more you tweet your target media and build a relationship with them before you need them, or they need you, the more likely you are to become successful with your PR campaigns in 2019.

For example: if you have already had a few tweets exchanged between you before, you respond to something that they need help with, or before you pitch them an idea you in my view are much more likely to be more successful with your PR in 2019.

Big mistakes I observed over and over in 2018, were people, be they PR’s or people doing their own PR, was that they were only going to the journalists when they needed them with very very little or no relationship with them. Big mistake.

You have to realise that you are competing for their attention with more people than ever before, so building a relationship with them, is at the heart of your success with PR in 2019, or at any time!

PR will need more empathy! 

This might sound strange from many of you who are new to the world of PR, but those who are already working in this area, or who are doing their own PR; might well be on the same page here.

For me, the media are quite honestly like real-life superheroes and so when you are communicating with them, the more empathy you have with them, in my view the more likely you are to become successful with your PR.

Why Carrie? Well, most people are demanding divas with them, and expect them to jump when they say jump, and be super efficient. This approach does not roll with them, as they are on super tight deadlines with crazy workloads!

The reality is, is that you are unlikely to be the only person that they are working with, or doing a piece on at any given moment!

So, by being empathetic, patient and kind-hearted with them, instead of rushing them, pushing them or pestering them, you are much more likely to get featured, quoted and published not just once but again and again and again.

I say to my clients, that the intention for PR, is not just a one-off piece in Forbes, it is repeated PR, in order to sustain your business and become as visible as possible!

PR will become more crowded

There are more and more companies being created who offer paid PR opportunities to people who are doing their own PR, or who are PR’s like myself. This means that there is fierce competition out there.

For example, there are companies who literally send you dozens of emails a week to respond too, for a price, yet you have to respond to the fast or miss out on the opportunity!

Those who do not want to pay for PR opportunities to be sent to their inbox can scout on Twitter 24/7  using the #journorequest, in America #HARO ( Help a Reporter out ) or in Australia and New Zealand #SourceBottle.

Whether you invest in a service or even sign up for a free one, as there are a growing number of freelancers who provide this service,, or if you just lurk on Twitter the reality is that you are competing with so many hundreds, if not thousands of people for the PR opportunities, which leads me to my final prediction…

PR will become faster! 

I have even last year seen how PR opportunities can be won and lost in a matter of minutes, and I think that this trend will continue into this year.

For example last year, I had a number of television shows contact me, about speaking to one of my clients, and I had had my phone set up going straight to voicemail, so maddeningly I missed their calls! I did not realise it until it was too late, and they do not always leave a number you can ring them back on! Yes really!

By the same token, I have been woken up by a BBC Radio station, asking if one of my clients could go on air within half an hour, which at that particular moment was not possible as they themselves were on the phone, yet we got them on the radio that afternoon instead.

So, the faster you can respond to the media’s requests; be they on Twitter, in your inbox, or via the phone, the more likely in 2019 you will become successful with your PR!



Happy 2019, onwards and upwards!

I’d love any comments or feedback below!

Love Carrie x


5 PR Predictions for 2019

5 PR Predictions for 2019

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Carrie Eddins

  • Susan says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the need for more empathy in any form of communication. It’s vital to building a successful working relationship. Thanks Carrie!

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks for your comment Susan, much appreciated 🙂 Yes empathy is at the heart of well every kind of communication, especially a successful working relationship; like you say 🙂 You are most welcome 🙂

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