7 Keys to Selling to Women™

Dear Lovely Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Re: Are you selling women like men? Big MISTAKE….

FACT 1 : ” Women make up to 85% of all consumer decisions.” Bloomberg .


FACT 2: ” Gender is the most powerful determinant of how we see the world and everything in it. It’s more significant than age, income, ethnicity, or geography.  Gender is often a blind spot for businesses, partially because the subject is not typically addressed in most undergraduate or graduate-level business courses, or the workplace itself.”

Bridget Brennan -ihttp://www.forbes.com/sites/bridgetbrennan/2015/01/21/top-10-things-everyone-should-know-about-women-consumers/#8b48d382897d

Are you ready to learn how to Speak Female to increase your conversion rates with women?

In my 7 Keys to Selling to Women course I will walk you through my 7 keys with real-life examples, stories and facts and figures to support everything!

Included in your course I will be covering the following in my 7 Keys :

Here’s a recent blog post covering  my 7 Keys to Selling to women :


What turns women off the most when she is in her buying process?

What turns her on the most in her buying process?

What makes her recommend you to all of her friends ?

What the key differences are between how men and women communicate and how to

improve your communication with your female clients and audience.

Why does she need all the details?

What does she take longer than men in the buying process?

And why can she be more demanding at the start?

And much, much more!

How will you do this Carrie?

I will be delivering it through short audios 21 short  and through transcripts of these audios as well as through check-lists!

How much Carrie?

It will cost you just £197,( $245USD)  payable via Paypal or Bank Transfer(* ps email: carrie@theblondepreneur.com for the details )

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This investment is only £197( $245 USD)  for just 100 SLOTS  then the price will increase to £397 ($495 USD)

You can do it slowly, using trial and error; or you can do it quickly and use my 7 Keys to Selling to Women™ Maybe you have 10,000 hours free to spend researching this subject and learning from world experts in Business, Marketing and Science? Maybe you do, if so then just ignore this page. If you are already pretty rammed in your day-to-day Business Life, then realistically 10,000 is never going to happen. Yet, if you keep doing what you have always done, and expecting different results, well that’s like Einstein said.. utter madness.

Invest in my course on 7 Keys to Selling to Women™ to learn how to speak female  and increase your conversion 4 fold. With only  100 slots available what have you got to lose?

Any questions just ask me,

Wishing you well,

Carrie Eddins

P.S Save now invest in your relationship with HER today, as  up to 85% of all buying decisions are made by women for just £197,( $245 USD)  instead of £397 ( $495USD) !

P.P.S This offer is only limited to the first 100 people. and it will not be ‘slick, perfect, or faultless, as it’s Version 1.0, hence the price!



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