This is the truth about being a heart-centred entrepreneur

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

As a heart-centred entrepreneur and as someone who mostly works with heart-centred entrepreneurs, this subject of being a heart-centred entrepreneur keeps on coming up all over the place, so much so that I am committing to writing a series of blog post about it and I am going to early next month start to hold live chats on Zoom with three other heart-centred entrepreneurs, and I will be building up to live events with lots of tea and cake for them too as I feel like it’s the heart- of my work. So, this blog post is a just a starting point about the truth of being a heart-centred entrepreneur from my own perspective

  1. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you feel, you deeply feel. So much so that you need at times to switch off your devices and spend time walking in nature, to calm yourself down. For example: I know that by signing off facebook on a Sunday which I have started to do is helping me sleep better and just totally switching off my phone in the evenings too is helping me feel much calmer.
  2. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you can find it hard that people are being authentic, and puzzling too as you see it is where they can be powerful. For example: when I listened to a lovely lady share what she did at a recent networking event, I felt she just shared what she felt people wanted to hear, not what she really wanted to say, which she revealed to me personally afterwards, which was far more authentic and interesting. Being authentic is not always easy of course, but worth it, as we buy from people as typically as a heart-centred entrepreneur that needs to come through feeling an emotional connection with people.
  3. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you could be so overwhelmed by your emotions you might find it hard to get things done. This is something I relate to and only recently after speaking to Mike Gardner who is known as the Time Doctor, not the doctor who kind, rather the time management guy, suggesting that I chunk my tasks down even more, that I feel a little less overwhelmed. I have also started to write down my task in a smaller book as well as my big A -two sheets and I am feeling a little bit better. I know when I feel overwhelmed, I just procrastinate and put things off so I need to just take it gentle and so I can move things forward practically, bit by bit Sometimes, I know that I need to just dis-connect and go for a walk. Can you relate?
  4. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you might be totally turned off by all of the white noise online and prefer to be with people in person. I know this is something that resonates with me, and that I have got into the habit of working too much and for too long on my own which if I am really honest is heart-breaking as I love being around people too. Recently I went to two networking events in person and I thoroughly enjoy them so much so that I know that I will go back and join, which I never ever thought I would say but I have realised that I thrive in face-to-face environments, as I am more able to emotional connect with people and get  a real feeling and a real sense of them. I know when I met Sashka Hanna Rappl, this May in person it was an electric experience and meeting Sarah Negus http://www.sarahnegus.comtoo was astoundingly wonderful so it is absolutely something that I am going to much more of. Do you feel the same?
  5. As a heart-centred entrepreneur sometimes you can be guilty of falling  in love with your clients a little too quickly, not that that’s a bad thing. This is true for me, I can feel the person and see the best version of them, and I just love them and love their gifts. This can feel a bit overwhelming for them at first and even all along, it’s just who I am and I own it now fully. Sometimes, I might trust people too easily, which is true, so now I am in the process of putting together legal contracts to protect both of us, with the lovely Annabelle Kaye, as this is an important part of the process and of honouring my gifts and of honouring the delivering of the service that I provide for them. I see that this is something, having legal contracts in place, where relevant, for example, as being something that heart-centred entrepreneurs need to more of, as there work is extremely valuable and having them in their business, shows the world that they are valuing their gifts and their work. Annabelle Kaye, is a wealth of knowledge and the perfect lady to help you with this and can be found at
  6. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you know that self-care is vitally important as without this you have little to give to your clients. For me this is true and this can involve me just sitting down and watching back-to-back episodes of ‘This Is Us,’ an American series which has just moved me to tears in sharing the stories of a family who had triplets, one of which died so they adopted a baby who was found on the doorstep of a fire station, and who happened to be black. The series starts in the seventies and switches between then and today through the lens of the triplets, the mum and dad, and those affected like the grandparents, the doctor who helped bring them into the world and even the Fire man who found them. It’s just the best thing that I have seen all year. When I take time out to watch these episodes I feel so much better, and I am much calmer, rested and in a far stronger place to serve my clients, without doing this, I can feel like I am slogging away a bit too much and feel resentful as I am working too hard and am them too exhausted at the end of the day to do anything for myself.
  7. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you require time alone, even if a few minutes every day to set yourself up energetically for the day, or you know your energy will be off.  Yes, this is true. Some days this might be for a five minute meditation where I just sit and allow myself to be before I do anything in my business. It might be in the middle of the say when I have  mini ten minute nap, or even a longer name. When I do this I recharge and reboot and I feel so much better and ready to do my work .
  8. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you are discerning about who you share your heart with, and who you actually share with and work with as it affects you much more deeply when it goes wrong, and takes you longer to recover, often, although not always. This is very true, I have  a core of ladies who I share with and who share with me and it feels very freeing, and healing and I know that they help me hugely to keep going during the more challenging times. Having a group even if of two, of sensitive, heart-centred cheerleaders is like magic dust being sprinkled on you each day more than anything to help you to feel less alone and less crazy..
  9. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you know that without doing your inner work, daily, whatever manifests daily shows you what you need to work on, as the world is your mirror . Yes this is true for me. Sometimes, this can be particularly tricky to acknowledge and see.  For example, last year I was working very hard for very little reward with clients who were demanding far too much for far too little and I felt a lot of resentment working with them; until I made the conscious decision to start to really own my gifts and my value and dramatically up my prices nothing changed. Thankfully, I decided to truly own my gifts and my value and I have upped my prices and I am feeling better and I am now attracting clients who are happily parting with more cash to work with them as they understand my value and the work that I do with them. But until, I looked in the mirror of what was being shown to me, even though rather unpleasant, then it just kept on happening. This is the same with anything, and especially when it is negative or as Sarah Negus says: ‘an opportunity to grow,’ which is why we are here, the more you are aware and are willing to take action, the better the reflection in your mirror will be.
  10. As a heart-centred entrepreneur when you are in flow, when you are listening to yourself, when you are  trusting your ideas, and  when you  are following through and showing up in the world as you;  it can seem like magic is happens, as clients come out of the ‘woodwork,’ and people are suddenly able to work with you. However, when you out of flow, and are too stuck in your head you can be questioning yourself, doubting yourself and procrastinating and putting off what you know needs to be done and not being as visible as you know you love to be, there is a resistance there. When you are in flow, when you are listening to yourself, when you are trusting your ideas and when you are following through and showing up in the world, magic happens. This has happened to me just this week, when I just decided to after the Total Solar Eclipse just to deeply listen to myself and to trust myself and follow through, and be much more visible, out of nowhere people are contacting me for consultations, I am having more likes on my facebook page, I have more people sign up to my list, and more people are getting back to my with my pitches and well just everything is starting to flow, because I am in my flow.
  11. As a heart-centred entrepreneur you know when you are truly authentic, and push your own ego aside in a sliding scale of ‘Brene Brownness,’ , people are drawn to you, and you feel better and they feel better and your business starts to build as if by magic.  For example, in a recent Linked In discussion, about using the word ‘lovely’ as a term of address there was a debate about whether it was appropriate or indeed professional. I shared that for my audience it is appropriate and they love it, and that those who do not, are not my clients. I shared that because I can forget names quite easily, being dyslexic although I rarely say this, using the term ‘lovely’ is used by me. Sharing this personal insight felt a bit embarrassing if I am honest which is my ego, whilst at the same time I know it is authentic for me and my work and something that is who I am.  And guess what? I have had more people come forward with an interest in my work as a result. Jay Abraham, known as the Billion Dollar Man,  who is a Marketing genius says that you want to polarise people and turn the wrong people off and the right people on, which I absolutely advocate too.
  12. As a heart-centred entrepreneur when you just let go and have a giggle, you discover that this light-heartedness has a healing impact on you and on your audience who warm to you; and the more you do this the easier it is for you to manifest anything you want 🙂 This is true for me, that when I share something silly for example that I was waitress for day;  whilst at University, and when I was sharing with this family some funny story, I accidently dropped an entire Sunday dinner in the dad of the family’s lap, yes literally and how they were okay about it as we were having such a giggle, my authenticity was felt, it was seen, even though I was a little bit embarrassed. And, now I am finding that there is a shift, even hours after, an influencer who I have been tweeting about actually personally thanked me just this week, which I am thrilled about, such a sign from the universe 🙂


For me tips and strategies about working with heart-centred entrepreneurs do get in touch as this is who I work with; mostly female ones.

I’d love your feedback, and any suggestions you might have for future blog posts.


Love Carrie x


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