3 Steps to get PR -ready

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Thinking about PR? Here’s 3 Top tips to help you, before you get started.

These steps are important because PR is very different to marketing and these three points will show you just how.

PR is unquestionably, a way to be seen and heard like nothing else in 2018, before you begin doing it either yourself or hiring someone else, like me to do it you need to understand the following.

1. The media don’t really care about you, they care about how you can make them look good and how you can help their audience.

For example: let’s say you have a book out, they really do not care that much about this; I am sorry to say. What the book does is to establish you as an authority much more in your area , it does.

The media are more interested in how ideas from your book  not always direct ideas, can help their audience. It could be that something that might be happening currently could be connected with your book, even indirectly such as weight loss, which could be seen as empowering which is very much a sign of the times!


2. If you are say a Weight Loss expert, but are not prepared to share your own personal weight-loss journey, don’t bother with the media, as they want to know your personal views on the issues you want to talk about.

Whilst it can be valuable in terms of marketing, that you have lots of testimonials on your website from clients who are pleased with what you have done for them, the media are less concerned with this.

The media are much more interested in why you do what you do. What is your founding story for your weight loss. Were you bullied as a child, which led you to put on weight later on?

Were you using weight as  way to protect yourself from further hurt after living in a family full of conflict? This is the kind of thing that the media are looking for, for you to be able to express in a few sentences to begin with and then to be able to expand on in more detail when asked. Therefore, if you are not prepared to be vulnerable and to share your story then I would suggest that PR is not for you.


3. You might have one, two or more of the following: ia huge social media following, are making 6 figures, have a book, have oodles of fb lives on your facebook page;yet it does not always mean you will make the interview, be featured in that dream publication or be considered for your favourite show.

Why? well. the much of the media, in their offices they are banned from watching videos, so however valuable your facebook live or your long Youtube video is, they are unable to watch it, which is why they prefer blogs which they can scan through very quickly..

Therefore, it is critical for you to have written content in the form of blogs posts on your website which the media can scan through very fast and very easily as otherwise the media will prioritise you over other experts.

One of my client last year was overlooked because even they  had four books, they only had four blog posts, yes really!

I know many of you want to go big this year, well PR is a way to supercharge your visibility like nothing else!

It’s not for everyone, it takes big girl knickers, as some PR you need to plan ahead, whilst other forms of PR you have to respond within minutes and hours to weigh in with you views on what is currently happening in the news.


I do this for my clients in the UK + USA,

Get in touch if you want this for yourself too.

I have a Basic PR course starting on Monday for £40 and I have my membership club for £67 per month; where you get 45 minutes with myself 1-2-1 a month and you get all of the course which I bring out too.

Alternatively, if you ready to get going very fast you can until 31.1.18 invest in a Virtual VIP day with me for just £1000 instead of £1500.

Get in touch if you would like to book on my course; the Basic PR course is starting on Monday 22nd January with a private fb group, where I will go live in and where you can ask me questions .

The Intermediate course starts on Monday 29th January and the Advanced course started on Monday 6th February, Each course is just £40.

For my monthly membership club and my VIP days you will need to get in touch to arrange a chat as both are by application only.

Love Carriex

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