The number one reason your PR fails

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Grab a cuppa, now you will want to absorb the message. Are you sitting comfortably?

Now, I will begin… the number one reason your PR fails….is because you make it all about you.

I know it might sound tough but the reason the media might not be responding to you, is because you are making it 100% about you.

Think about it. If someone sent you an email and it was purely about what they could get from you, instead of what you might receive, would that rile you? Would that put you off responding to them? Absolutely.

It reminds me a bit of an Influencer who hit the headlines this week, and caused a luxury resort to ban future influencers? Why, because she was very demanding and wanting something for very little in the return. Here’s the story in case you are interested.

You see the media will be interested in featuring you; if  you have something valuable to them such as a story which their audience is interested in, or an opinion which would more people to watch their show, read their papers or listen to their show.

How to succeed with PR

Make it all about them!!!!!

Yes, this basic switch will help you to get more coverage for your business.

The media are searching 24/7 for people just like you, with your story, your views and your opinions.

Yes really; that’s the biggest secret.

Even if you cannot at the time weigh and help them with their story, or feature, if you can see how you can help them with what they are looking for, they will value you too and start to view you as a trusted source. yes really!

Change from marking to PR

For me, for many small business owners or entrepreneur making the mental switch from marketing to PR, to making everything about the media, can be hard as they are very passionate about being seen and heard with PR.  The thing is, to start to see things from the viewpoint of the media. Typically they have hundreds of people responding to their requests and pitching at them.

Daily reality for Journalists

Many journalists  can have up to 50 -100 email alone per hour! So, think about it from their viewpoint, if you contact them and it is all about them, why would they respond? Would you? I doubt it, and even if you did so I doubt that you would respond very fast.

The media have their go-to-trusty list of people who they can contact in a heartbeat about something, in their network, and whilst it is true they are always looking for new people to add to this, to make their working life even easier if you contact them making it all about you, you are unlikely to make their list!

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