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A recent study by the UK’s biggest PR CompanyEdelman  revealed that traditional media is trusted by 61% of the population, higher than it has been in years!

. Here’s the link, read for yourself fhttp://:

For you to be successful with PR though, you need to know how to pitch perfectly!!

First of all, let me just spell out what you need to do PR..


  • PR establishes your credibility!
  • PR  is free advertising
  • PR lets you quite simply punch about your weight.
  • When a journalist writes about you, or your company, your customers and your competitors quite simply take notice!!
  • PR stands you out from the crowd!

The thing is….

*PR though is a constant pitch….. Yup…

It’s not just for Valentine’s Day, or Easter, or for Christmas it’s constant, which I totally LOVEE!! 

Part of the pitching  process requires planning; such as pitching now for month magazine for June or even July editions, yes really! For example: when I have my prospect calls and explain that ,the monthly magazines are now working on their July editions there are gasps  coming off the screen!!

Another part of the pitching process requires  fast response!!  For example, you have to know what to say and how and to whom; both confidently and competently  respond to what is currently happening; often within minutes, yes really!!

This is called ‘newsjacking’ and heres a blog post I wrote earlier about this:

Creating connections before you pitch!

Many who are starting out forget, or who try to do it themselves totally forget it!  Believe me,  I have done this and got many t-shirts and had many face-palm moments..

When you actually  make the time to  create connections with journalist many moons before you pitch them; they will be much more likely to respond; although this is of course not guaranteed;  otherwise they have actually said to me… they feel like they are your lunch!!!

For example:  the editor of Entrepreneur last year during a Tweet up, said that he pretty much deleted his pitches from people who had not already made an effort to reach out to him, get to know him or his needs! He got quite made about it; saying that these pitches were well effectively like spam!!

Think about it, we all do business with people we like, know and trust, and if all of a sudden someone pitched if you had never had any contact with previously, even it they might be the answer to your prayers, are you seriously likely going to pay them much or any attention? It is really quite unlikely.

We are all human and need a little nudge, a little care, or lots of nudges and lots of care, in order for us to feel safe enough to acknowledge others and  respond. I believe this strongly even with the intensity and non-stop nature of social media, in fact I would say it is much more important than ever !

Obviously, in this post I am really just scratching the service of how to pitch perfectly!  I admit that!

If you have the time and the head space to learn how to pitch perfectly.; then this last part is not for you.

If you are interesting in learning from someone who has got her clients on the BBC News, major national papers like: The Sun, The Telegraph and in the biggest American newspaper: The USA Today… to name but a few.. READ ON!!

Drum roll please.. I am beta-testing my  : ” How to pitch perfectly!” course starting 14th February!!

Here’s the information:

During this 6 week course, taking a small number of you ladies through the exact processes that I myself use day in day in.

I will share with you the exact real-life, in the moment strategies that I have used to pitch my way successfully for myself and my clients.

I will share how I have been able to persist even when I have repeatedly been ignored!

I will share how I have overcome face-palm moments and have been able to turn things around even when I was having …

“ Help, I’m a sensitive female entrepreneur, get me out of here!!!” moments…

The investment for this course, teaching you a life-long skill that you will be able to use to generate your own PR is just £495, my beta-testing price.

This investment will be increased during my second round after Easter.

The course will start on Wednesday 14th February and will run for 6 weeks.

Every Wednesday at 8pm, I will deliver a live into the group and upload check lists and templates for you  to follow.

Week One– Why pitching? Understanding how it fits into process of PR.

Week Two: What to do before you pitch; ie how to research, how to create relationships on social media.

Week Three: Understanding the different pitching processes ie the planned pitch vs the spontaneous pitch.

Week Four How get love at first pitch – which is possible! 

Week Five: What to do when you pitch fails.

Week Six: How to create constant pitches perfectly…

Daily I will respond to your questions in a secret facebook group. You will have my input, be able to pick my brains about the pitching process and get feedback!! 

And that’s it!!

To book your place, get in touch, carrie@returnonconnection,com

Full disclosure: this course it is £495 this time around, and will go up next time, as this is skill that I will be sharing with you, which will enable you to pitch perfectly on your own, so that you can be seen, so that you can be heard and so that you be much more visible!

Thanks for your attention,


Love Carrie x

p.s How to Pitch perfectly, Version 1.0 is being beta-tested on 14.2.18, give your business this gift, to learn how to master this critical skill to be seen and heard with PR like never before!! p.p.s This price of £495 will never be repeated!!

how to pitch perfectly



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