Feel the judgement and do PR anyway!

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Last week I chatted to quite a few of you, and you were interested in learning more about PR, yet full of fear about the judgement which might follow. I get it, I really really do.

I am in the midst of listening to a number of audios with the lovely Gabby Bernstein who’s new book called ” The Judgement Detox,’ talks about how judgement stops us from the very thing we are craving; which ultimately is love.

Love means being seen, being valued and being heard, which at the heart of it, is really what PR is.

A lovely, hugely talented and very accomplished lady who I spoke to last week, shared with me with great pride her incredible achievements after being in business for close to twenty years.

Yet, when she came to sharing personal stories or even remotely personally stories about herself and her business, I could hear a pin drop. She was full of fear of judgement.

She was full of fear of being judgement by her close family, her close friends, and even by her community; without even thinking about complete strangers.

Yet she has a powerful, and timely message which from the bottom of her heart she wants to be fully expressed. Her deepest desire in 2018 is to be seen, to be heard so that she can make a huge difference to the lives of those small businesses owners who she knows, need her help.

I totally understand.

This happened to me quite recently. I was approached by a journalist who was looking for a comment on an astrological piece she was writing, She needed a fast turn around which I knew meant that I needed to step up and do it!

Honestly, I had  quite a self-judgement meltdown. I admit it! Huge.

My self-talk went something like this : ” Carrie are you bonkers, I mean really could you actually do this? Who are you? You are not an astrology? You have not even been to ‘Astrology College? You do not have the skills or the credibility to do this!!?” And on and on and on it went.


I listened to Lewis Howes interview Gabby Bernstein here is the link for you to listen to it here:


And it just dawned on me, I was getting in my own way, and that by me stepping up and out and allowing myself to do this piece, I would be literally walking my talk and showing my clients and indeed future clients that I can and do know what I am doing and showing them that I can do it for myself too.

I am not going to lie, it was nerve-wracking, and I was still judging myself even when I received the link from the lovely lady journalist. I was. judging the heaven out of myself! Big time.

Still, I know it has been worth it.

You can see my astrology piece and judge it for yourself here!! LOL :


If you know that you are judging yourself and fearing being judged by others when you do do PR, know that you are not alone!

If you are ready to feel the judgement and do PR anyway, then you might be interested in the fact that I am  relaunching my membership club, which will be three-tiered and you will be able to learn so much from it,

to help you feel the judgement and do PR anyway!!!! 

Love Carrie x

P.s Even Gabby said that she still judges herself and others like crazy, but is able to get over this and move on! Me too! Although, I admit sometimes I get a bit stuck too!!! Still, I am enjoying looking at this and becoming much more aware as Gabby said, that judgement keeps you stuck, which is the polar opposite of what I want, and  I am sure what you want!!

Feel the judgement and do PR anyway!

Feel the judgement and do PR anyway

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