5 PR facts

5 PR facts to help you right now

1. PR is about how you can help the media.

For example,  it’s about how you can help the journalist, the editor, or the producer first and foremost. This means you help them from a place of service and do not lead with ‘ I have this book coming out!!

This means that you understand that your opinion, your story, or your anything needs to help them and appeal to their audience first and foremost. Yes, the side effect is that it will help you, but that is not how you approach it, as it is not advertising!

2. PR is different to marketing! 

For example: you are not in control over if something is featured, aired or published unlike with your own marketing. You are not in control over when something happens; unlike with your own marketing! And finally, you are not in control over the content; unlike with your own marketing.

3. PR helps you be seen and heard like nothing else With PR, you stand the chance of being seen and heard by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, and sometimes with the traditional mainstream media millions of people!

This means that many more people will discover who you are compared to your normal marketing activities which is why it is so powerful!

4. PR is about what media your audience consumes. For example: if your audience read the Daily Mail, then you want to look at being featured in the Daily Mail! Yes really.

This is something that many people forget and also dislike! I know I consume very different media to my clients, yet I still invest time in the media that they consume!

There are exceptions to this; such as the mainstream news, as this tends to just be a credibility booster on its own, which your audience, peers, and others will respect.

5. PR works in cycles. There is a long-term cycle which is one that happens for things like predictable events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Autumn, Summer Holidays, and Easter.

Then, there are short-term cycles which are daily when a story breaks, and that cycle can last up to 6 weeks unless it becomes part of the zeitgest.

Then, a story can filter into the long-term cycle; such as the ‘Times Up,’ story which is still filtering down and will impact stories for a long, long-term to come!

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