How to stop the media from ghosting you

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Happy Halloween,how do you stop the media from ghosting you?

Here’s a link to a facebook live, in case you want to watch or listen instead of read!!

1. Remember they are human beings, doing a job.

This means that they have limits, even though I believe that do rather amazing impressions of real-life superheros the journalists that I come across and work with.  When you expect an immediate response from them, even in the middle of the night or over the week-end they will just GHOST YOU SIMPLE AS! .

Admit it,  you know you do expect them to always instantly respond!! So, it is important to bear in mind that they have limits as they are human beings just doing a job!

2. Remember, it’s never about you!

Remember, that it is never about you; it is about how you can help them, so you need to check your ego at the door and your demanding diva for that matter! If you do not, do this, they will just ghost you, totally and utterly and maybe forever!!

Although, the side effect of PR helps to raise your profile like nothing else, and cause your prospects to come closer and often invest in your products or services! PR causes your peers, your family, your friends, and your community to take you seriously! BUT, you have to understand PR is about helping the journalists look good and sound good to their editors, their producers and their audience, ie it is not advertising!

3. Be empathetic!

When you are  empathetic, not bitchy, moany, or well rude, the media are more likely to want get to know you better and see how you can work together.  They are very busy and have limited time so have to be super discerning with their attention., so if you are not empathetic they will ghost you are seriously what on earth would they pay attention to you?!! Would you pay attention to you?!!!

So, a little empathy works wonders because sadly they do not get much of it, as some many people are impatient, demanding and quite frankly rude!

4. Make an effort with them

This means, that before you make contact with them, you find and follow them on social meda, you like their posts and even retweet them, on Twitter. You show support so that they feel that you are interested in helping them, not just when you need something but long-term, otherwise they will ghost you and go to the next person, yes really!

They will be looking at you as long term resource to help them out with their pieces so if you can start off by being supportive, kind-hearted and wanting to know them and help them, it stands you good stead and makes them less likely to ghost you!

And that’s it!



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