Is PR a business trick or a business treat?

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

As it’s nearly Halloween, I thought  I would unravel a few mysteries that many of you have experience or might experience about PR, so that you can understand the value of PR

Is PR a business trick or a business treat? ….

PR is so often to many business owners very confusing, and I totally understand this, as it is unlike marketing which is has a little bit in common with but that’s for another blog post!!

So,  the question that  I will answer in this post is when is  PR  a business trick, whereby you might feel like you have wasted your time, energy and effort and when is it  a treat, when you raise your business or your personal profile, you get new clients and you gain much more authority!

Let’s get cracking before spells are cast….

PR is a business trick when you respond fast to a journalist and at the 11th hour they cancel on you.

For example:  when my client cleared her schedule to go onto Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff and got her hair and make-up done and they canceled two hours before

PR is a business treat, when after several successful chats on air on BBC Radio they actually offer to pay you!

Yes, this happened to my client!  She has been paid for her time, and input by the BBC!!


PR is a business trick, when you scramble to get a quick opinion to them, whilst travelling, or in the middle of your very busy day and they go with someone else,

This might be that they go with even someone else you might know! I empathise, this can be mightily disheartening!

PR is a business treat when someone who is a prospect hears you on the radio, and book a chat with you to finally discuss working with you!

Yes, really this happens to many of my clients and has even happened to me when I was on the Jeremy Vine show this Easter!

PR is a business trick, when you forward an opinion to the journalist and it gets ‘edited’

This means that you come across rather differently to how you would have liked! This happened with a client who was quoted in a celebrity piece for the Daily Mail, and she did not exactly come across that well!

PR is a business treat when after months and months of doing PR, you get selected to do a handsomely paid Corporate PR gig .

This was what happened to my client. Yes really, all of her consistent effort responding to my PR requests, paid off!

If you would like to learn more about how PR can be a treat for your business,  get in touch!

Happy Halloween!


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