3 Common Mistakes you are making with sensitive business owners

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

The other day I was speaking to someone about my new direction to purely help sensitive business owners to raise their profile so that that can transform the world even more with their product and service and they were like.. ‘Seriously Carrie, they sound like they should not be in business..” It surprised me a lot.

I will tell you why as the people who say this are just like they are from different planets they just do not feel things as deeply as sensitive business owners, not remotely.

  1. You do not understand the depth of their sensitivity so make cutting remarks like… ‘ the logical way is.  They are often very intuitive business owners so are ruled much more by their hearts and their souls, not their logical minds, which they would say is the slowest parts of our brains. You believe that they need to get a grip and logically approach business, and forget their feelings, as they are not important. Big mistake, as they are very likely to be much more about more than mindset and attitude, what matters to them is how they feel, whether they are in alignment with you, and your energy, logic is only a part of this and not always even a part .You fail to understand that they operate often from their heart, or soul, so depth is of paramount importance to them, they are not interested in, whatever the ROI, is something that does not reflect this on a very basic level. So, they have substance, and often but not always style too, but they do not have style without substance as without substance they would not be in business.
  2. You use aggressive language such as a ‘killer sale,’ or ‘beat the competition,’ this turns them off you, hugely, in a matter of words.This approach will turn them off you completely as they are often very attuned to the power and the energy of words. Their favourite words are alignment, meaning and purpose, for example and everything for them comes from their values, which are not related to competition and much more about co-operation, and collaboration. They do not the world of business as being competitive, they see it that you just need to be fully you, and that is more than enough as there is more than enough business for everyone, so there is no competition.
  3. You think empathy means just nodding your head, when actually true empathy is actively listening and deeply listening, which means engagement not shallow-nodding. Empathy means sensitivity on steriods,so they feel things so deeply, imagine going into a room, imagine feeling what everyone is feeling, that’s just a snapshot of what it is like to be them, every day, twenty-four seven.

This is just a short insight into sensitive business owners. If you are one and you can relate to the above and are looking to raise your profile and to create more ripples in the world with your business with PR, my Spiritual PR is for you. Here’s more information: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/spiritual-pr/

I would love to here from you and work with you, so get in touch with me carrie@theblondepreneur.com

Love Carriex 

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