12 Mistakes to avoid when doing your own PR

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Sometimes it can be really helpful to know what mistakes to avoid when we are starting to do something right?

I know they can be helpful, even if we do not listen until we make those mistakes!! I know, I have made many mistakes doing PR for my clients and continue to do, but I see this as learning on the job and honing my craft!

For example: emailing journalists too early, or too late with story ideas! Or, emailing the wrong journalist! Or even, not knowing that a particular journalist had left a particular place!

The idea behind this post, is to help you when you are doing your own PR, to avoid making these twelve mistakes so  that you can ensure that it will be as successful as possible, which you want right? Absolutely.

  1. Do not harass them or be diva-like. Just because you sent them an unsolicited book you have written does not mean you have a divine right to be featured.

2.  Do not be demanding or full of yourself with them. PR is about how you can help them, which of course in turn can help you, but you               ALWAYS lead with an attitude of how can I help you!

3.  Do not run before you can walk. Start with local media and build up to regional media and national media. It’s rare that someone can               jump straight into the national media! Be persistent; it’s all possible. 

       4. Not thinking that what you have to share is valuable or important or needed! Silly, nothing could be further from the truth. The media                 are looking 24/7 for your opinion, your story and your message, always remember that

        5. Journalists do not like when people only come to them when they want something, so if you can create a relationships with them,                    before you pitch, it is much better as really we all do business with people we like, know and trust, and they do too! 

         6. Always respond fast to the journalists, as they are often on very tight deadlines.

         7.Make sure you get their name correct and their email!

         8.Ensure you are emailing the right person. Mostly you will not be directly emailing the main producer or editor, so ensure that you                      know  the name and the contact details of the assistant editor, or even the specific features editor! 

9. Do your research, before you pitch, make sure that the media that you are pitching is right for your audience; such as do they                           actually  read, listen or watch it, if not you are wasting your time!

10.  Get clear on the timings for your pitching, or sending of story ideas. For example: for a monthly magazine you might need to be                        thinking   4, 5, 6,7 months ahead, yes really!

11. Understand, that last minute media stories happen all the time, so be prepared for this too, and they will love you for it!

12. If you a journalists is reaching out on Twitter and you can help them, even if with someone else in your network, do it, they will thank                you for it, and will be more likely to listen to your pitch in the future, provided it is relevant to them, obviously!

And that’s all folks! Any questions, do comment below, or email me personally at:carrie@theblondepreneur.com

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mistakes to avoid when doing your own PR

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