Female entrepreneurs 5 common marketing mistakes you are probably making

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Now, in today’s post I am sharing 5 common marketing mistakes you are probably making, probably… not definitely.. just probably..

  1. Marketing like women like men. Business and indeed marketing is all about relationships, and men and women typically relate very differently. So you are likely being far too controlling, you are being too formal, and you are sharing about your income or your results. This is a mistake, I believe as for women business is much more personal, so for them to buy from you they need to actually like you. Women typically will like you through emotionally connecting with you, and feeling that emotional connect through you sharing someone much more personal about yourself  and your life and even your business. For example: Sarah Arrow, my business mentor, regularly shares about her daughters and their successes in their martial arts training and competitions, which is just wonderful. She calls her daughters ‘chicks,’ which I love, and shares about her hubby Kevin who she is partnership in business with too. In fact, one of my favourite blog posts to illustrate why I love them both so much, is a blog post written by Kevin about the realities of working with your wife, it is so moving and beautiful it really made me shed a tear or two.. well more than a couple. Without Sarah sharing or Kevin sharing so much, so that I feel emotionally connected with them, I doubt I would be working with them, and I doubt I would be recommending them so much.
  2. You are not using  sharing your emotions,   or ‘Brene-brownesque stories, so not creating emotional connection. Building on this idea that women need to like you to buy from you, the next level of this, is sharing that they love and often prefer you being real with them, so that they can relate to you. I call this the ‘flawed heroine™,’ process. For example: I shared during a Tweet Up recently, I can’t remember which one as I do quite a few, that I find it hard to use Canva; which I was to be honest quite embarrassed about; as  in many people’s minds a really basic software to create gorgeous-looking graphics. Whilst Canva,  might be basic for some people it is  not for me; earlier this year it took me nearly a day to create a visual. It might sound simply to share more of an element of realness with people, and really it is, yet do not for a moment underestimate the power of it to draw people closer to you. When you share your flawed heroine, or your imperfections and realness with your audience, you will discover that many of your audience, especially females will come forward with a ‘me too, Carrie, I struggle with that too,’ and you will emotionally connect. Try it and let me know ?
  3. You are using too many facts and figures. This is much more a male approach to share much more data or performance-related information like facts and figures; mostly because that is to me, much more part of their drivers. For me, women are much more relationship-based so whilst facts and figures are important, the relationship that they have with people; including in business are far more important, as once the relationship is established, which takes a lot more time with women, usually, as it is much deeper and much more emotional, then they recommend you to all of their network. So, leading with creating emotional connection, and being much more relatable and softer is important for women for them to actually want to pay attention to you.
  4. You are being too pushy, hyped or aggressive with them; ie chasing up bit too much and too often. Recently, in one of the many groups that I am in on Facebook, a lady shared how she had been aggressively pursued by someone who wanted her in her mastermind. She shared that it felt like she was ‘lunch,’ and that felt and sensed their desperation and it put her off them, even though she had actually liked them. She thought that they would very likely encourage her to use this aggressive strategy with her prospects which was a total turn-off to her. I can relate to this as it reminds me when I attended a networking event and this man shared his expertise on Linked In, which was useful, even during his presentation. Yet after the presentation, I was bombarded by phone calls from his company trying to sell me a workshop, which was far too aggressive for me, and needless to say totally put me off.
  5. You are being too formal. This to many might sounds a bit too strange. Again, I was taking part in a discussion recently on Linked in, and even during a Zoom chat last week, about the reality in my view, that women are typically much more informal in how they connect and converse. Typically, women want to know as a human being, so they formalities often are pushed aside. In my view, this is why women are much more successful on Social Media which is by nature much more informal, and women are thriving on it. Women view that ‘you are your business,’ so see they whole person, instead of compartmentalising, like men often do.

I am just scratching the surface of what the  common and indeed uncommon marketing mistakes you are likely making as a female entrepreneur, if you would like to know more, then you could join my Flawed Heroine™ Programme which is currently being beta-tested, at a never-to-be-repeated price of and save yourself your precious time; unless you have a spare ten thousand or more hours to read all the books, do all the research on top of your current business tasks already without including serving your clients, looking after yourself and your family?  Thought not. It’s just  £197, email me for further details carrie@returnonconnection. I’m only taking a v limited number of additional people on, before it becomes version 1.1.

I’d love your comments below, and welcome any questions you would like to be answered in future blogs,


Love Carrie x

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