How my German teacher and a plastic step help your PR?

Dear Lovely Business Owners.

How can my German teacher and my plastic step help your PR?

As a teenager, I was very entrepreneurial, to put it mildly. I enjoyed grafting and working a few jobs so that I could buy stuff basically.

I wish I could say it was any  different but it was not. All the funds went to me, and were spent on me; unless I was saving up for something like a new mountain bike, which happened but that’s another story….

Think, rising just before six am; running down the road and around the corner to work at my local newspaper shop to help sort out the newspapers and serve the public on their way to work or just the early risers.

As you might guess, for those of you who know anything about me; I used to really enjoy the banter in the shop in the morning it kept me going, truth be told.

And,  looking back it was likely a time when I honed my conversational skills as it took quite a bit for me to be awake at that time; let alone coherent.

I wish I was kidding but I am not.

After working for two hours, I would run back up the road and get ready to go to school. Often I was late to school, even though it was only a few minutes walk away, or  fifteen at most, or a five minute cycle ride.

Fact is, I was often  late for school as I would be glued to early morning television like some kind of drug addict. I used to love finding out about people and hearing their stories.

I was not though really that interested in the news, I just loved hearing about people. I am sure this was where the seeds of my love of connection with people, stories and PR were sown.

One of things I want to stress is that  I proudly bought with my hard-earned cash was a plastic step. It was not just any ‘plastic step,’ heavens no. It was a ‘Reebok,’ step. I absolutely loved it.

Okay, my plastic step was one  of those, that were used in their step classes, yes those ones, for me at the time it was one of my biggest investments.

It was one of my favourite investments though, I absolutely loved it.

You see, I was very hyperactive growing up and I found that when I had done at least an hour’s worth of exercise I was able to sleep much more soundly so this step was one of tools aside from my bike that I could use to burn off some energy before I went to sleep.

With that in mind, at school, my favourite subject was German. This was purely because my first German teacher called ‘ Mr Crouchley,’ was such a remarkable teacher.

He got us all role-playing in German in our first few lessons, making it fun, making it memorable and making us really look forward to his classes. A clever chap . A very clever chap.

Surprisingly enough, he got us to move around the classroom asking for basic directions, and greeting each other. Links oder rechts? Left or right ? Hallo, wie geht’s dir? Hello, how are you. Wie ist ihr Name bitte? What is your name please.

The simple truth is that the interactivity, the fun and the laughter kept us all going, and him too. So it came as no surprise that when it came to choosing our options, a vast majority of the class choose German, thanks to him.

To top it off, he took a group of us on a German exchange, which was even more fun.

At the time, I had a rather… intense chocolate addiction, and going to Germany was like heaven for a chocoholic like me. And it did not disappoint.

What’s more, I discovered that I was not one of those pupils either who was  NOT too embarrassed or fearful to talk to Germans, out of fear of getting something wrong or upsetting them. Not at all.

I loved chatting to the Germans, and having a laugh when I got things wrong with them, too, which they loved too, as at least I was making an effort.

Sadly, Mr Crouchley, moved schools so  that when I went to take my A-Level in German, I had a few different teachers, who were just not patch on him.

Worst of all, the level of German needed from GCSE to A-level was very different, yet the levels of fun, interaction  and humour were not.  Yes, it’s true ..

Worst of all, I would say they were needed more than during the GCSE level German, but that’s another story for another day…

You know what? During one memorable lesson, my German teacher, asked us what we did in our free time and in German… said :

“ Ich stehe auf Meinen Stuff  ganz viel.“  = “I stand on my step rather a lot”

My German teacher fell about laughing….

What’s more important,  she could not understand why I had wasted my hard earned cash on a plastic step.

She humiliated me. This time she did not make me cry, although she did so to myself and the rest of the class on many occasions, as that was her approach to teaching.

It was not until later on in my early twenties that I discovered that my sensitivity to people, to their energy and their moods was a strength and not a weakness.

By which time, I remember being at University and understanding that the reason I had found a lot of the written aspect of German to be hard, yet the listening and the talking very easy was because I was dyslexic.

This made a lot of sense, as it meant that I had difficulty structuring the essays that we had to put together and made lots of basic grammatical errors in my written work which I could not see. And it meant that I took a lot of time with my reading homework, as I was a slow; albeit thorough reader.

What’s this got to do with you?

The simple truth is, this story here  highlights that I know many of you reading this post are sensitive business owners, and are scared of doing your own PR. and it might feel like you could be humiliated for loving a ‘plastic step,’ or something that you care deeply about by the media.

Here’s the thing, I totally understand this. Even this year when I was involved in a headline story for the BBC about veganism, I was well very uneasy, and yes scared.

And , of course, the solution to this, is to work with someone like me who can relate to your sensitivity as they are sensitive too.

Here’s something to else to keep in mind, whilst I cannot always guarantee that I will be like my favourite German teacher and that it will be fun, and a giggle and really interesting; I can guarantee that I will put my heart and soul into working with you.

Get this, you’ll be glad to know that  I can promise you that  I will help you prepare for your pitches, and your appearances when you are in my membership community.

Here’s more information: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/spiritualpr-heavenly-club/

What this means is; I can help you navigate just how to work with the media so that it becomes a win / win for you and a win/ win for them.

You will be glad to know that the media are thirsty for stories twenty-four seven, a bit like my hunger for chocolate at the height of my chocolate addiction, there was never ever enough….

Here’s the deal: I can help you with my Heavenly VIPS, gain the exposure that you are looking for, by managing it myself whilst you focus on what you do best..

When I work with my clients I help them play to their strengths and prepare themselves for the media.

Believe it or not;  I cannot guarantee, even though I would love to that someone will not try to humiliate you; like my German teacher.

I know many people who can help you to  shake it off and get over it and move onwards and upwards; myself included.

What this all boils down to is, get in touch if you are ready to share your  ‘plastic step’ stories, which the world is hungry to hear.

For example: your ‘plastic step,’ stories are like hidden gems which you might just tell your close friends and family which the media and your audience totally lap up as it builds up the ‘know, like and trust,’ factor almost effortlessly.

Treat yourself and allow me to be  just like Mr Crouchley, and support you to  supercharge your PR, by supporting you through my membership or actually doing the work for you with my VIP service.

Still not convniced?

Here’s some recent proof of my work http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41158365

And a viral post with Allison Sara Reiner :http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/dont-pity-woman-threw-poo-window-date-could/

Love Carrie x

p.s The truth is I have only a few places left until next year.. here’s more information: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/spiritual-pr/

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    Loved the story. So excited to start working with you.

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      THanks so much Sherry, aw I’m so excited to start working with you too lovely 🙂 So excited 🙂

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