12 things I learned from being on Jeremy Vine

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Last Thursday, I decided to walk my talk and I actually took part on some PR myself! Yes really.

Part of me was fearful, totally, but I felt it was really important to show that I could actually do my own PR, especially as I am now on the verge of launching my courses which will be teaching others how to do their own PR! Right?! Exactly!

 1. Act fast So, last Thursday, am, it must have been after 9am, but it all went so fast, I cannot give the exact time but I was on Twitter, which I usually am, and I saw Ryan, the producer for BBC Radio, who tweeted out a #journorequest.

In case you do not know what these are, they are requests that the media put out on twitter 24/7 often for last minute requests for people to help with their programme, show, or feature.

To be successful with these, you have to act very fast indeed! I responded within seconds and very quickly spoke to Ryan, on the phone! You cannot wait for an hour or so as when you do you will very likely miss the opportunity ! Yes, really.

2. Give them what they want. The segment on the Radio Show was about them looking for someone to defend the right of someone to sit in coffee shops for as long as they wanted, because you cannot put a price, or any ROI on a cup of coffee.

I do believe this, and I do personally at times spend two or three hours in coffee shops as I find the change of scene can really help me tap into a different part of me, and help me change my momentum, so I love sitting in them!

Ryan, said that his worst nightmare was someone agreeing to hold a particular view point but then on air changing their mind and coming from a completely different place! So, I had to be sure that I was going to give them what they wanted! I said, absolutely Ryan, I am all over it and  I will give them what they wanted!

3. Do your research  The story behind this segment on Jeremy’s show came from the Croydon Advertiser here: https://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/news/croydon-news/wallington-caf-owners-outrage-group-1415480  

4. Arrive on time I arrived at the BBC Hereford + Worcester Radio studios at 12.50pm, so, I had a good twenty minutes before they needed me, to psychologically prepare for the show!

Many moons ago,  I had been on the radio talking about chocolate addiction, so I did remember how it all worked still, I was nervous and excited!

So, by being early, I had enough time to pop to the loo, sort my hair out, put on a bit of lippy yes I know no-one could see me, still it helped me to feel more prepared!! LOL ! I calmed myself down, and grabbed a glass of water and felt ready!

5. Be patient.  Anita from BBC Hereford + Worcester kindly took me into one of their mini studio rooms, for the national radio, and I sat down there and well, then I did have a few butterflies in my stomach!!

Lots of deep breaths, and at 1.26pm I was just about to use the phone in  the studio to ring for help when someone spoke to me on the headphones saying: ” Hi, is that Carrie Eddins?” I was like : ” Yes it is, trying not to sound too over-excited which I was!!!  ” Jeremy Vine will speak with you after the news, weather and a track?”

I had not even realised I would be on the Jeremy Vine show, until that point! So, I was even more excited at that point! Big fan, not just of the heart and spirit of his Strictly experience but of the way he covered so many important issues on his show!

6. Prepare to give them what they want  Whilst I was waiting for Jeremy, I went over my notes so that I ensured as much as I could to give Ryan what I had agreed to; namely arguing for the right of anyone to stay in a coffee shop for as long as they wanted.

I had written out mind-maps with words and quotes coming out of them, which I knew would help me stay on track in case I got a bit overwhelmed or distracted by the reality of being on Jeremy’s show!

I really wanted to deliver the best that I could  for myself, for Ryan, for Jeremy and to show my current clients and potential clients that I  show them that I could actually walk my talk!

7. Be friendly Anita, Ryan and Jeremy are doing their job, and are human too, and of course they appreciate you being friendly, back! Absolutely, don’t we all?!

So by being friendly it ensures that the entire experiences is as enjoyable and as fun as possible! Yah, and who does not want that? Very few:)

8. Be yourself! I actually, really was, myself, and spoke from my heart and from my mind maps!! I know I was not trying to be anyone else but myself.

Thank goodness. Even though, listening back I am cringing a little over my usage of the word: ” you know,’ I am still 100% myself throughout my chat on air with Jeremy which is a relief and what I suggest to my clients!

And even though, I felt I could have done better, or have remembered more details about the article which were talking about, as I was so excited,(!!!)  I do not think it mentioned that the coffee shop was struggling, still I did okay!

9.Be humble   I admit it when Jeremy Vine said : ” Carrie Eddins PR Coach,” I nearly fell off my chair with excitement, or burst with excitement! Seriously,… no kidding! It’s been quite a journey as Sarah and Kevin Arrow from http://www.leadslaunchleverage.com amongst others know to get me to this point of believing in myself and in my abilities to do this. Quite a journey!

Nevertheless, I had to take a quick, mini-second deep breath and give Jeremy’s producer what he wanted, my side to the debate about coffee shops.

For example: that I believed it was bonkers to write a letter to these women who had only spent £17 in three hours, as women are the ultimate social network so would spread the message both good and bad about this coffee shop.

When you base any relationship on logic, it’s a bad sign, whilst logic is part of life and business it is not everything. Trust, connection, empathy are far more powerful!

And on I went, I start at 1.43.50. You can catch the entire interview here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/play/b09x8260 

10. Include others! I loved mentioning my local Waitrose,http://www.waitrose.com and sharing with Jeremy just how lovely the staff there are in their cafe, to everyone no matter how much they spend, and  therefore no wonder the place was packed a lot!

I loved mentioning another local independent places called Balleys of Bromsgrove for their excellent customer care https://www.facebook.com/BayleysBromsgrove/   I shared with Jeremy just how much care and attention they gave to their customers again no wonder that they were running a successful place

I even shared with Jeremy how at Birmingham’s Grand Central Station that the Pret there, the staff were always amazingly friendly and helpful, hence why I often went there on my way through:) https://www.pret.co.uk/en-gb/

Every company really appreciated me mentioning them which made me feel even better about my wonderful time on Jeremy’s show, I mean how cool is that?!!

11. Be appreciative Be appreciative on what you are doing with an opportunity like this.

This means going back to the Producer Ryan and thanking him, tagging him and Jeremy and others I mentioned and BBC Hereford and Worcester,https://www.facebook.com/bbcherefordandworcester/ because it would not have happened without then.

Thank you and appreciation go a long way, you might think go unnoticed, they absolutely do not, and only take a few seconds to do !

12. Follow up Once you have calmed down, honestly I am still calming down as it was such fun!!

Once you have though gathered yourself, do get back in touch with the Producer, and let them know you would love to go on the show again! ” Hi Ryan, I’d love to go on Jeremy’s show again?!!” And he said yes, so slightly happy Carrie.. Hugely HAPPY!

And thats it everyone.

Love Carrie x


Any questions just ask me!

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12 things I learned from being on Jeremy Vine


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