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A few weeks ago now, when I was on the Jeremy Vine show, on BBC Radio two,(* see link below for more! )  which I loved, I have been doing a few things to leverage it, and I thought I would share them with you, so you  can leverage your PR wins too!

Thank them publicly. Do this with just one tweet. It is simple but means so much as far too many people get the PR and run away onto the next! When you thank them this can really mean a lot to them. As we all want to be seen, and valued and the journalists are no different.

Create a Twitter list with those publications or places you have been featured so that you can follow them and see when would be timely for you to do so again. By creating a Twitter list you can short-cut your time spent on Twitter and see what they are up to and you can actively support them.

Thank them privately for your quote, your time on their show, or your feature. Many people just forget to actually thank the journalists involved and are onto the next thing super fast

Let’s just back track here. How would that feel it that was you? A bit empty? Or? Would it inspire you to want to work with them again? Maybe not. I am sure you value being appreciated and the media are no different! They are human despite working long hours, and value and appreciate being thanked. It’s simple, it’s basic but a little thank you goes a long way!

Support them with what they doing even if it is not relevant to you. What does this look like ? For example: like their tweets retweet them, comment in an real not overly smoozing way. So, be heartfelt, really not doing it because you hope you will get something; even if you might!

Do it because you care. Do it because you value them. Do it because you value their relationship. Do it because you know that when you do something without expectation of a particular outcome things just happen which are beyond words!

I am sure you can recall those times when someone offers you an opportunity, or an idea, or a client comes to you without any nudging from you part.  That. When you do this, remember the media are not different!

Share with them you ideas for future pieces. For example: I have been in contact with Jeremy’s team and share further ideas and views for their shows, for my clients this time. And whilst they have not yet been successful,

I know that it all helps them to think of me and my clients when the right combination helps as we are on their radar! It is perfect whilst you are fresh in their memory to pitch them with another story idea or feature idea! So go for it!

Consume their media. So, this means listen to their show, watch their show, read their publication. It might sound again too basic or simple but it is so important and it shows that you are really invested in your relationship with them

Blog about it.  This again might sound obvious but it is really something that your audience will value and be interested in. For example: I got so many people interested in my blog about what I learned from being on the Jeremy Vine show; including the man himself who retweeted it, which was so cool!

By sharing your personal experience of your PR win, you are shedding  a bit more light on your credibility-boosting time in the media which can only further help your audience to get to know, like and trust you more. Yes really.My only caveat would be, do not do it until your media appearance has happened!!

And that’s it!

I trust this helps.

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