The wrong way vs the right way to communicate with sensitive business owners

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

After it all dawning on me, a matter of days  that I was not the only sensitive business owner in the world, I know I’m blonde remember, I just thought I was the only sensitive business owner in the world.. I am not, so am not longer alone. phew.com , Now, I am a roll now…  Thank goodness, and so now my tribe is now literally coming to me, it’s a dream quite honestly, I am living a dream, this is what happens when you are aligned deeply and fully with what you are doing and who you would like to work with 🙂

Here’s a few guidelines for those of you who are working with or looking to work with sensitive business owners as there is a growing number of them. not just me, who I am sure would love to work with you… but you could very easily turn them off by communicating insensitively with them..

  • The wrong way…hypey or pressure selling. You know when you feel like someone’s lunch, as there are so desperate to get you booked in? You feel this immense hit of energy which is not always that pleasant, and that sense of urgency which again feels wrong to you You feel like you are just a number and that you do not fully matter to them, and that they do not care about you, that they only care about the sale. You sense that there message is powerful, their work is powerful, but the hyped pressurised approach feels off to you.
  • The right way. The healthy follow up, booking an appointment in,  the less rushed approach so that you feel like you are valued, like you mean something to them, not just financially but emotionally and relationally. You sense that working with them, they genuinely care about you and your business and that they genuinely are looking to help you and serve you in the best way that they are able. You feel safe, you feel comfortable and you trust them to deliver what they say that they will.
  • The wrong way using fake mistakes to get their attention, sympathy and even empathy. For example: faking that you sent and email without a link accidentally, or that you got a price or pitch wrong accidentally. The sensitive business owners will know, that you are just playing mind games with them, and it will feed into their mistrust and fear of wanting to work with you. Furthermore, your fake empathy or no empathy will mean that they will not trust you as they will not feel that it would be safe for them to share their problems  as they might feel that you have no empathy so they would not trust your solution, so they would not trust you.
  • The right way. genuinely being vulnerable and explaining that you actually did have a technical effort, and going into detail about it; such as you were new to a piece of software and you were technically-challenged and you did not know that you could send out a test email before the actual proper email was to be sent to check over the layout and the details. For example, I have done this here:http://www.theblondepreneur.com/2017/05/06/whatisspiritualpr/ and many people contacted me  loving what I had written, and how I had turned my life and indeed my business around, and yes new clients who felt connected to me and my message and my new approach have come too, in the easiest way possible.
  • The wrong way saying that you are a sensitive business owner just like them and then proceed to put them into a right or wrong way of doing things which is just to many of them old paradigm work so there is no right or wrong one, only one that is right for you and right for them. This often comes from a scarcity mentality which again, which is fear-based which turns them off you.This is quite simply like you are communicating from another planet to a sensitive business owner, as they view the world as being interconnected, and that whilst an awareness of polarities is important, the oneness is everything therefore, it is all about what feels right to them holistically; their feelings, their energy, their thoughts, for example.
  • The right way, is explaining from a place of love and acceptance  with as little judgement as possible and without putting them into boxes or their views into boxes. For example; you are coming from a place of love and acceptance for where they are and their decisions and you are not trying to push them into a ‘sausage making machine, as one of my clients calls it, to work with you. You are communicating with them from an abundant place.  You just know that the right people will come to you, and whilst of course you will need to market yourself, you are doing so in a joyful, abundant and love-based place.  You are coming from a place  of trust in divine timing and surrender fully to the process. This means that you are therefore not making anyone feel bad or wrong for not wanting to work with you, or even guilty or ashamed, rather you are loving and accepting of them whatever they say, and know that there is a higher reason for everything which will be revealed.
  • The wrong way looking to control communicate to the point of not fully allowing them space to think and feel during your interactions. This might show up as you demanding a response on your clock, or even to your timetable. So, you are rushing them, you are chasing them and you are trying to put them in a position where they would feel wrong or upset by not working with you like yesterday. Even if they do not articulate their discomfort with them, they will ‘announce’ it through their absence and their lack of communication with you.
  • The right way, is giving them gentle, empathetic nudges whilst leaning back and focussing on what lights you up and letting go knowing that they will come to you when the timing is right and no control, no coercion, no stress is necessary. You empathise that they are busy so little nudges from a place of love and care feel in alignment with them and you.

If you would to work with someone who is sensitive in business and indeed a sensitive business owner, that’s me, and  I can help you get your business out into the world with Spirtual PR and Marketing, do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you and work with you 🙂

Here’s how you can work with me: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/spiritual-pr/

Love Carrie x 


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Carrie Eddins

  • When you are connected to your values you will always communicate in the right way and use integrity.

    I find myself wanting to run away from lots of pushy insensitive people…

  • CarrieROC says:

    So true Jacqui, sometimes we have blonde moments though don’t we? I am like that too, sprinting in the other direction…

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