5 Ways to jump on the headlines to get coverage

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Many of you may not understand any of the processes that I go through to get coverage for my clients such as getting Annabel Kaye from Koffee Klatch (https://www.koffeeklatch.co.uk/) on BBC Radio 4’s Moneybox programme twice, or on BBC Breakfast twice!  Yes really.

So, in this post I will share with you five ways that you can use right now to jump on the headlines across the world to get coverage for your business. Wherever you are in the world, the principles are absolutely the same!

Whilst no-one can control or predict the outcome of these actions, you stand a far greater chance when you give them a whirl than when you stand at the sidelines!

Let’s get going shall we?

First off let me share a few sources and then a couple of strategies okay?


Go onto twitter and click on ‘Moments: here : https://twitter.com/i/moments

Twitter is the place where stories break first. Yes really. Faster than anywhere! This is why I say to my clients that Twitter is the absolute place to be if you are serious about getting PR coverage for your business.

When you click on the Twitter Moments you will be able to see any moments which are really new stories which you could jump on if they are connected directly or indirectly to your business .

For example: last week Devi Lovato, last week tweeted that she was no longer sober, and one of my clients is a therapist, Sally Baker  came up with a series of tweets which I sent out within a matter of minutes.

If you look under the link for Twitter moments you will see that there are various categories for you to pick from tab such as : today, news, sports, entertainment and fun!

Click on them and see what you could comment on in a tweet about and jump on that story!  How to do just that on Twitter see below!

The Twitter moments change, a lot,  so have a look at them  a couple of times a day and daily to get the maximum results  from this! It only takes a few seconds of your time though so highly worth it!


2. BBC Headlines 

Every day the BBC shares a link to the headlines here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-44571100

And even more of a deep dive here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rk3sk

This is useful, because you can see what stories are catching their attention and then decide if there is something which you could comment on or not.

You could, which I often do, just from reading the headlines, decide if I want to go and get more information, from the paper itself to search for more, or even check my email for the digital version of the paper which I have delivered to my inbox too, for ie The Times !

It does not take long, but can give you the flavour of the news for that day and help you decide whether or not you have an opportunity to jump on the headlines that day!

Sometimes, nothing is relevant, so you can get on with sharing your tips and ideas in a blog post, in written form which the media love, or of course serving your clients!

If you need help with this, with blogging, I highly recommend Sarah Arrow’s 30 day blogging challenge which has helped me massively, which is just a £1 investment but amazing: https://carrieroc–followthearrows.thrivecart.com/30-day-business-blogging-challenge/

It can happen that something breaks in the news which is totally relevant to your business when this happens I recommend you follow my strategies below!

 3. National press sites.

These change too like the two sites above, but are really good to find out a little bit more about what is happening.

For example: you could click on  a story and read the article and really get much more of a feeling as to whether you can comment and add value!

Remember the golden rule, it’s not about what media you consume, it’s what media your audience consumes!

Some of you might want to find out by just asking them what they read, listen to or watch as you might not actually know!

The main sites I trawl are:







4.  Tweet your comments .

Now, once you have seen headlines which you want to jump on, relevant to your audience and for your business, the fastest way of getting media attention to get coverage is to tweet! Yes really.

For example: copy the link of the particular story. For example: last week with my client Sally Baker and stories about kids and gaming addiction.

So, I copied and pasted the link to the BBC covering the story, and underneath I put her quote

ie ” Kids need to be  given strict rules by their parents for when they can game; otherwise they risk serious mental health issues,” @SallyEFT. More? Get in touch #prrequest #journorequest #gamingdisorder.

I would come up with at least 3, ideally 5 different comments and tweet each of them out in the above format with the relevant keyword.

If you are having trouble working out the keyword visit: https://hashtagify.me

And type in the main theme of the story, and you will find different key words.

Just pick one or two. If it is not there, put the word into your tweet with a # in front of it and you will instantly have a number of  hashtag choices. If unusually one has not be created, go for one that is already in use; until someone creates one is my best advice!

From this strategy, Sally was seen immediately by the media as an expert, and it contributed in her being considered to be quoted in a piece that was eventually published in the Telegraph here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/family/fortnite-fury-extremes-parents-going-get-children-addictive/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw

Sometimes, it can just mean that you gain followers from the general public, or journalists and influencers which is good too.

Always, it shows to me, that you are serious about being seen as an expert and you are showing the media that you are serious about helping them with their stories, which can only be a good thing!

It reveals that you are what this American guy who I great respect Steve Harrison that you are ‘media-genic,’ meaning ready to be in the media! (http://www.steveharrison.com

This is important because the media want and need people to comment and be ready very fast so if they see that you have comments which you have tweeted out which are relevant to them and their audience, you are much more likely to be considered by them for their pieces! Yah!

5. Email them! 

The final thing, I recommend for you to jump on headlines in order to get coverage is to email the relevant journalists!

Now, this might take a bit of research and  even a few phone calls but it will be worth it!

For example: you might look to email say Channel5 news, so just go to the Twitter Search Bar and type in ‘ 5 news,’ and you will find  https://twitter.com/5_News which gives you an email to contact them with your comment!

You need to email them two or three comments very fast with  your contact number in it and your website information and few sentences only a few about who you are and why you are  qualified to comment.

Then keep your phone switched on and by your side!

I would send your pitches to a few not just one and tweak it slightly in the headline and also in the pitch.

For example: do not just copy and paste it, make sure you add in a few touches like viewers or readers!

Using the above strategies I have managed to secure national coverage very fast for my clients on BBC News, BBC Breakfast, on the Royal Marriage, and in various national papers, and on BBC Radio, for example.

Do let me know how you get on!

The above is known as ‘newjacking,’ and you just need to be courageous and go for it  and ACT FAST!

It can really pay dividends and really get your name out there!

If you want more help and support with this, I have 5 places left in my early bird deal for my PR Training Academy : https://www.theprtrainingacademy.com/

With my PR Academy you get access to me, regular pitches from the media, group trainings with me which are currently about being interviewed by the media and PR courses.

The early bird deal is  just £30 at the early bird price, going up to the regular price of £67 shortly.  Get in touch if you are serious about getting out into the media!

Chat soon,

Love Carriex


ps Just 5 places and when they are gone, they are gone!

p.p.s Remember the media needs you!!!!

5 ways to get coverage from the headlines

5 ways to jump on the headlines to get coverage

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