A Christmas gift for your Business

Dear Lovely Business Owner,


Wow, it’s Christmas Eve, and I am doing my final blog before I surrender to the Christmas spirit! I am even thinking that in early January I will be looking at planning my content like the wonderful Sarah Arrow has been suggesting well ever since I have know her! Eventually, Sarah the chocolate Christmas penny drops.

I have ever since I have returned from Steve Harrison’s I have been trying to put together some PR courses which will help more people to become more visible with PR in their business. It has been a challenge, with internet issues, close to throwing my laptop out of the window frustrating, and technical issues, you know when you write something out, and then accidentally lose the content… that kind of maddening things… and then there is my difficulty in structuring them, being very right-brain, meaning very dyslexic. Thankfully, in January, ie not that long away, Sarah Arrow is going to help me with this, which is a huge relief of the words cannot express my gratitude kind of words.

So, until then, I have a one-off deal which your business will thank you for in 2018!

In essence,  my loss, is your PR gain!

To be clear, here’s some stand out PR wins that I have achieved for my clients in 2017:

Stand out PR wins of this year, have been getting clients featured in the Christmas Edition of Closer Magazine, being featured in the BBC News story about veganism, being interviewed on BBC Radio,!

Having a two page personal story feature in Soul and Spirit magazine, then having a client invited back to be a one-off contributor to their ongoing expert-column, which regular contributors pay to be involved, yes my client was that much of a hit!

Having a client quoted in a viral, weird story in the Telegraph about toilet habits and dating, strange but true and even having one of my New York ladies, being quoted in a Yahoo news story about digital detoxing, her first of many wins!!

Moving onto how you will benefit from my loss. ie …

Drum Roll please..


Participate in my live courses being delivered … for just £25 I know right?!!

It will involve 3 live Zoom calls on Wednesday 3rd January 2018 for up to two hours each-

i will share the basics of Pr, Intermediate and the advanced!! It won’t be perfect but you if you show up live be able to ask me questions!!

Calls 9-11am, 2-4pm,6-8pm on Wednesday  3rd January 2017  all recorded, all on Zoom, the megic will be if you show up live and pick my brains!!! Just £25,00


Here are the course content, I cannot guarantee I will get to every point, but there will be time for question and answer throughout, which you will get if you show up live!

You will be able when you show up live to my calls, be able to pick my brains too!!

The calls will be recorded, there will be no support afterwards, hence the price £25.00 www.Paypal.me/TheBlondepreneur

Course One =1000% More Visibility: A Basic PR course.

You will understand exactly what PR is and how it works.

You will discover what it is like to be a journalist for the day!

You will find out just how to put your own One Sheet together which is something that many media people need!!

Course Two = 10,000 % More Visibility – Intermediate PR Course

During this course you will learn how to put together stories which are valuable to the media, ie that they want to know more about.

-You will learn how to pitch journalists effectively.

-You will learn how to actually keep on pitching and pitching and PITCHING!!

Course Three = 1,000,000 % More Visibility – Advanced PR Course

During this course I will share how to come up with professional pitches that are hard for the media to ignore.

-I will share how to newsjack, a unique supercharging your PR strategy.

-I will share some insider tips on how get more PR with less effort.

Love Carrie x

p.s It’s only going to happen as a one-off on Wednesday 3rd January, for just £25.00-www.Paypal.me/TheBlondepreneur

p.p.s This won’t happen again as it over 80% off my courses which when they have had the Sarah Arrow magic touch will be £97 each in January 2018! Grab this Christmas gift your business will thank you for while you can!!

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