How Sarah Arrow got me to New York City

Dearest Lovely Business Owner,

Now, many of you I know who are in my community, know that I am love Sarah Arrow and Kevin and their chicks ! I truly do, they have saved me many times especially this year and I have Sarah to thank for helping me re-invent my business this Easter!

Well, in the last week of October, on Monday 25th, I believe, after trying well everything that I could think of at the time… I just surrendered.

Surrendering is just not something that I do very much; although thanks to some wonderful mentoring with Sarah Negus, the Modern Day Shaman over the summer, I have become a little bit better at this process. Well, so, I have pretty much, read 95% given up any hope of hopping on a plane to go to NYC that week to attend the wonderful Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit in one of my favourite cities in the world, New York City. I’d let go… mostly..

Well, Sarah Arrow, sent me a message on facebook, suggesting a mini mentoring session with me on that Monday ,which, really, was a sign, looking back! We chatted and Sarah shared her hard-won wisdom and precious insights and just before she hopped on her next call, I happened to mention Steve’s summit, almost as an after thought!

Sarah… then said: “Carrie why don’t you just do a facebook live and do a deal Carrie that they cannot refuse, like a year’s worth of PR, for 90% off?!! ” I was like… ooh I’d never thought of that!! … Maybe she was onto something. Still truth be told not really trusting the process..

A few hours later I have what Alison Ward calls a .. ‘ Fuck it Moment!” and I just said to myself : ” Fuck it ! I will just have a go,’ and that’s what I did! Out of nowhere ladies who I had spoken to over the summer months, suddenly contacted me.

Sarah had asked me, being the practical and logical lovely lady that she is… :” How much do you need Carrie? ”

I was like… ” Well, £5K would be enough, although £7K would be amazing!”  So, she wisely suggested go for   seven places at £1000 each, as that would give me enough to get there comfortably and allow me to enjoy the process; ie eat well, take yellow cabs and lap up those precious NYC moments!!

With each lady booked in, I bought my flight first, then my deposit for the course, then my passport renewal appointment, then my train from Birmingham to London, then my travel insurance, then my dollars….it was put it milldy… the most exciting thing that has happened in my year.. or indeed life for a while…

Yes, I was terrified of doing the facebook live, yes I was. I got over myself as I just had nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain, like a trip to one of my favourite cities in the world and a dream being realised of finally after ten years trying, to attend Steve Harrisson’s National Publicity Summit. Now, none of this process was ‘pretty’  or smooth, there were.. lots of hiccups,,, more on this in future posts..

Still.. . I took action,thanks to Sarah’s advice… and within days.. two days, so from the Monday evening. of doing the facebook post, to Wednesday evening,  going to London Heathrow to fly NYC, ;although I missed my plane and in the end I fly the following morning from London Gatwick to JFK.. Still, in a matter of days I had made £5K, thanks to Sarah’s strategy, and my dream of attending Steve Harrisons’  National Publicity Summit was realised!!

Here’s my facebook live in case you want to see how it all started :

  • You might have to scroll down to the video on October 23rd 2017

The purpose of this post, is that having the right mentor for you in your corner, can literally change your life! Sarah Arrow has done this for me, to help get me to NYC, and if you are looking for PR which will help to increase your influence and be viewed as an expert in your field, get in touch.

Love Carrie

How Sarah Arrow got me to NYC


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