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Sometimes,  I know that I am guilty of assuming that everyone knows how to do what I do! Thankfully I know that I am not alone  in this. I know that it is a sign that I am in my zone of genius,or  area of talent that I have so I can assume that isn’t it normal that everyone can do.. such and such.

.. Er no! Silly billy! Not to worry.  Well just this morning was one of those moments!  I had posted a video in a facebook group and one of the ladies shared that she had a fear of pitching! I was like really? Seriously! Aha, great feedback!

So, in this post I will be going through how to pitch and how not to pitch the media!

How to pitch:  Before you even send an email out to someone, you need to do your research! Yes really. Deep, detailed research.  For example, if you want to be in say Red Magazine, buy a copy, or invest in a digital copy, and read it from cover to cover seeing where you could see yourself featuring in the magazine.

How not to pitch: Send out an email to just the ‘editor’ of say Red Magazine and see what happens! It is unlikely that you will have a response even just an acknowledgement email as they are far too busy most of the time! Believe me, I made this error, you can read all about it in my www

How to pitch: Once you have read through say Red Magazine, then look at the exact one or two sections where you feel that you would like to be featured and look at who is writing them, and then research how to contact them.

Typically you will have to do a bit of research on how to find their email address for this journalist or writer; mostly this can be done on Twitter in the search box, if not just ring them directly and ask!

Yes, this still works, ring up the magazine, or the BBC!! Yes really, people are far more helpful than you might think!

How not to pitch: Email the person but spell their name incorrectly!! They really dislike this! Being dyslexic I find that I need to double-check, or triple-check my emails!

How to pitch: Ensure you have the exact email address of the journalist or the freelancer who you are trying to contact. In the subject headline of the pitch you send them put :” Pitch story idea for ie Wellbeing pages ‘How to lose weight without losing your mind!”

How not to pitch: Do not just email them, that is all about you! For example : Carrie Eddins works with Sensitive Business owners helping them to become more visible with her Spiritual PR process. !” What? How does that help them, and their audience, it is does not at all.

How to pitch: In your email, acknowledge in the first few lines that you have read their particular publication.

For example: ” Dear Wellbeing feature writer. I really enjoyed your article about how to become healthier whilst still eating the food that you love. I loved this because I really enjoy potatoes and from personal experience I have lost weight and kept it off whilst still eating foods that I love; albeit it less of them!

New Paragraph:  i wonder if you might be  interested in writing a piece about ‘how to lose weight  without losing your friends,” I work with..

How not to pitch: In your email say: ” I have been reading your magazine for years and I have really been enjoying it.”

This is useless as there is not evidence to them that you have been reading their magazine and it comes across as just something you made up, to try and persuade them that you really have read their magazine when you might not have done! Can you see this?

How to pitch: In your email,  put your information, AFTER the acknowledgement paragraphs where you demonstrate with a few little sentences that you have actually consumed their form of media. ie

“Dear Susan, I really enjoyed last months Red Magazine, I especially laughed out loud on the piece you wrote the the different buying habits of men and women. I know that my hubby, likes to spend as little time as possible shopping and well er I could spend all day and often do!!

I wonder if you would be interested in a follow up piece about 5 ways to go clothes  shopping without divorcing your husband!

I can share my personal experiences of how I have avoided divorcing my hubby, only just… and it’s much more straight-forward than you think!

For example: Strategically planning the ‘route of my shopping,’ around the centre via several coffee shops where he can sit with his ipad and a cuppa, with an ever-increasing amount of shopping bags! This works like a charm, giving me space to just shop without him stressing me out!!

I have been working with couples, to help them navigate issues that inevitably come up, for 15 years, to help keep their love alive and keep them away from the courtroom. You can find me online at

I look forward to hearing from you,

Sincerely,  Jenny Jones 07977 133100

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These are just a few ideas for you to use right now for your pitches to the media. I have quite a few more which I am including in my forthcoming courses, which you can be informed about early  and getting exclusive discounts for by signing up to my newsletter here:

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