Traditional PR vs Spiritual PR

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

So far, into my Spiritual PR Journey I have discovered a few key differences in my approach, and so many are loving it, and I am actually loving it too, and of course loving the results that I am getting for my client.

Recently, the lovely colouring coach Shan Marshall, has her gorgeous colouring designs now featured in one of her dream publications, as a download, which is sending her so much traffic and generating her ideal leads, she is positively thrilled.

Here’s just a brief insight into how I see what I do, Spiritual PR, as being different to traditional PR.


  1. Traditional PR means working with any kind of entrepreneur or business owner, indeed any company selling whatever, doing whatever. Therefore, whilst there are PR’s who specialise of course in certain areas, it is irrelevant to them whether you are a sensitive, heart-centred business owner or not.
  2. Spiritual PR means working with purely heart-centred , often sensitive souls who are  entrepreneurs, ethical business owners and those who have businesses which are changing the world for the better. Therefore, from the start the relationship that I create with my clients is deeper, is much more empathetic and valued-based, as I won’t work with those who are not like this anymore. This means that I am much more discerning than before when I used to do traditional pr about who I work with, as it needs to be a match on many levels, not just business-wise, emotionally, financially and they need to at the very least be spiritually-open and sensitive even if mildly.
  3. Traditional PR means just getting on with it, and having to go, go, go as you have little bandwidth for empathy, and connection.
  4. Spiritual PR means empathy matters. It means that  pausing to connect and go deep with my clients is paramount, and making time to deal with any issues that arise, and seeing how they can be resolved in the best possible way for all parties concerned. To me, it means that compassion, empathy and connection are vital, so vital before, during and after we work together, so important.
  5. Traditional PR means focusing  on more, more, more really just get the message, product or person out there with any many pitches as possible, from a scarcity mindset, and without always the necessary back up plan like having content and systems ready for the attention from it.
  6. Spirutal PR means focussing on less is more, and getting the message out there in a way that is meaningful to my clients ensuring that systems are in place, and content is ready when the attention comes. It’s set up therefore to be much more supportive from the start, see number four, by having less client I ensure I have time and indeed make time for them.
  7. Traditional PR typically means going for logical places and pitching to them for coverage only. and therefore not really favouring anything inventive or unconventional, so the tried and tested routes all the way.
  8. Spiritual PR means that I will pitch my clients to many different and often unheard of places to shake things up and get your message out to people who may not have ever heard about you, yet would so love too, so it’s unconventional. For example: pitching an emotional  story, to quite a logical publication, in their language of course.
  9. Traditional PR typically means style over substance, whilst this is valuable, my clients need style and substance.
  10. Spiritual PR means setting clear, deep and meaningful intentions  with style and substance ; at  the start of the relationship  with my clients to ensure that I am working towards clear points, in light of their vision and in light of their values so that I can represent them in the best possible way.
  11. Traditional PR means thinking through pitches in a logical and rational way, and just persisting and slogging away.
  12. Spiritual PR means exploring alternative ways to getting the journalists attention such as setting daily intentions, using manifestation and meditation  and scripting visualising successful coverage in the dream publications with my clients.

If you would like to have Spiritual PR working for you and your business get in touch with me to arrange a thirty minute chat about how I can create opportunities for you and get you the attention, the leads and the business that you deserve.

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