Put your focus on where your heart is

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Put your focus on where your heart is.

Recently, I have really noticed that when you love something and you do it, everything falls into place; especially when you focus.

Last Saturday, I hopped on a train, to London, to meet  one of my favourite things, far too early for me at least … like just before seven am, to hear one of my favourite clients Sashka, speak  and actually meet her for the first time. Whilst, I do love hopping on a train, I knew, that I really would love meeting Sashka in person and listening to her speak even more. I was not remotely wrong, in fact, I would have got up even earlier to meet her and listen to her. she was that amazing and inspiring. You could feel in every cell of her being that she wanted to be there, that she was committed to being there, to feeling and being fully present with everyone in the room. It was, well beyond inspirational. I have not really met anyone quite like this for a while, to be honest… more about Sashka in a moment… let’s first explain where I was going to hear her..

 Destination London;  I went  to London; not only to meet the lovely Sashka, I went to London to meet Leigh Daniel who had  followed her heart out of her legal practice which was making her deeply sad, and unhappy. One day she simply had enough and started reading and exploring alternatives to life. Whilst she was earning a fair amount and outwardly successful she felt awful inside and did not exactly love herself. Inwardly weeping was how she was. She admitted she used to be one of them meanest divorce lawyers in town..

 Until she went along to a MIke Dooley event, the man famous for the ‘thoughts are things’ and the ‘infinite possibilities movement,’ and she decided to start a movement, called’ Project Positive Change.’ which is a group of heart-centred entrepreneurs with life-changing businesses.  You heard it, and she had been holding events around the world, only a matter of months later. She had members sign up even before she had something concrete to offer them, that’s how much they believed in her powerful vision to create a supportive community of heart-centred entrepreneurs with businesses that are here to change the world..and she’s never been happier..Check her out below.  She followed her heart and put her focus where her heart it, which is her vision for her project which is why  she is so almost effortlessly successful. 

She beamed at you  with her lovely southern accent, think ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ ooh I love that film, one of my favourites, so gorgeous, so romantic, so human. She beamed her southern smile across the room empowering and inspiring us all with her words, you just felt instant love and acceptance from her, no wonder the membership to her community came together so fast and even without her knowing what she was going to offer them. Leigh has that trust factor, that empathy factor and that ‘ I see your value factor,’ going on, going massively on. You meet her you know, you just know you want to be around her and have her in your life. You just deeply feel it. You just deeply know it. http://www.projectpositivechange.com.
Then, I had the pleasure of listening to my lovely client Sashka, who shared her vision on how to brand a  business from the soul, and how she was creating leaders with soul-based businesses. She did this of course in true Sashka style after getting us all to do the congo first… which was a huge amount of fun and so needed, for us all to physically connect with each other and to share fun moments like that 🙂

She shared that only one percent of the world are your soul clients, which felt so true, something that I have noticed so clearly now that I have deepened my niche and my focus, whilst it was a little scary at the time, the ease with which I am now attracting new clients is nothing short of miraculous, to be honest. Sashka shared  that she was supporting Soul-based leaders through the levels of leaderships from ” I can’t, to I can, to I must ‘ and gosh did we feel her passion.  Sashka is holding an event up in the Austrian Alps in September to deep dive into her work with her personally and one other hand-picked expert, I’m going are you joining me?  After only a few hours with her, I’m so inspired; it was like  watching a master at work..  https://brandsashka.com

Next up was this lovely lady called Jodee  helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are creating a movement, like many of you are to develop a balance between earning and building your movement, which I really loved, as did well all of us, as it is vital to value ourselves on a financial level to to have a sustainable business. . She used to be an accountant so she came up with a wonderful equation to act as a guide for this. What I loved about her the most is that she had one of the lovely soothing and booming accents and that  she was in this gorgeous poppy dress, which just made you fall in love with her. I loved that she said that now she no longer does business with anyone unless she can imagine bringing them home for dinner, gosh I loved that, and I totally agree with her. 

So many others in the room touched my heart as I could feel their passion and that they were focussing on it, I am sure I will share more about my wonderful experience last week in another post… watch this space…

All of the people who shared last Saturday we people who were focussing on what they loved, and it was no wonder that they looked so happy, no wonder.

Just this week I took part in Sarupa Shah’s online manifestation class, and she shared that your soul is in your heart, so  follow your heart, it feeds your soul and that listening to your heart is where your power lies, and it does not need to be complicated that is a game that our heads place. And she shared the importance of having more fun, which honestly makes me think of Bridget Jones.


Only recently I wrote about ‘how to Bridget Jonesify your content, which really means to humanize it and I have been creating my course and many women have contacted me asking me if I was joking… or that they can absolutely bring their ‘Inner Bridget; out to play.

For example, those moment when you’d rather not openly share with the world, like going to sleep with your conditioner still in, or forgetting about something in the oven, leaving the house with odd socks, locking yourself out, getting names wrong, speaking about divorce in a wedding speech, treading in the proverbial and not realising then going on a date.. and so the list goes on… thankfully, as I shared.. we can bring in our ‘ Inner Mark Darcy,’ to support ourselves and just love and accept ourselves whatever we do, and whatever happens and have a huge bellyache of a giggle afterwards, which really is the aim of the course… and as Sarupa explain on her meditation iimportant for us to do 🙂 I love doing this, writing about this and sharing it, and so these fun things, I am going to focus on doing much more and soon, well over the summer I am going to start putting together characters and do role plays to share my ideas as honestly first and foremost that will make me giggle  and maybe some of you too 🙂 And who doesn’t need a good giggle and you know.. we often learn more when we are giggling and relaxed too… apparently.. so watch this space..

So dear lovely business owner, my invitation to you today, is can you now fully focus on where you heart in your business is, as that is where your money is, that is where your fulfilment is. You deserve to be fulfilled and successful whilst you are running your life-changing business.

I’ve only really been deeply following my heart, and I’m over half full in my VIP clients, and am joyfully creating a ‘How to Bridget Jonesify your Content, course, which I am laughing all the way doing, so I know it will work, as I’m loving it. Attracting the right clients for me has never been easier, and it is absolutely because I am loving the work and the people I am working with, absolutely 🙂

If you would like me to answer any questions you might have about leapfrogging your way to success through Spiritual PR, do email me to book in a free thirty minute consultation. Email me: carrie@theblondepreneur.com

Much Love,

Carrie x



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Carrie Eddins

  • Awwwwwwweee Carrie… thank you for hopping on that train! There is NOTHING more amazing than meeting in person and hugging one out of joy!! And YES!! Following your heart and being focussed is sooo important to me too! Without it I would not have met you ❤️🙏🏻

    • CarrieROC says:

      Aw, my pleasure. Indeed, nothing beats it 🙂 Aw 🙂 🙂

  • Dale Darley says:

    So lovely Carrie when you get to hear people speaking in a way that lights a fire deep within in you. I have grown so bored of conferences where people speak at you and then do that awful massive upsell. I truly want to know people before I buy into that stuff.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thank you Jacqui, that means so much. Me too, and it’s all empty, manipulative rubbish too. Me too, I’m with you there lovely . My pleasure.

  • Ruby McGuire says:

    Fabulous post Carrie, it was so lovely to meet you at the event in person. Such an amazing energy in the room from everyone 🙂

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thanks Ruby, so lovely to meet you, and to be welcomed into Ruby’s world. It was so lovely wasn’t it 🙂 Until next time 🙂

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