Why mainstream PR will help your business and why you need it

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

I am speaking to a lot business owners at the moment who are really interested in working with me, which is wonderful, and I’ve started to fill up my new Spiritual PR Heavenly Club which is wonderful.

What has become apparent to me in recent weeks is that many business owners need to be focussing on getting more mainstream coverage because it is where  they will expand their reach more than anywhere.

Why Carrie?

Many of you are in business to change the world; be this through your mentoring, such as helping women deal with their hormones, or through helping them master their energy, creating a life by living on purpose or changing lives through healthy food.

To do this you need to be seen and heard on a much bigger scale than just on facebook; for example.

I see this a lot. People saying that their facebook live was viewed several hundred times and I suggest, well getting quoted in certain newspapers would mean being seen and heard by potentially thousands if not several million? Imagine that.

Many sensitive business owners can baulk at the thought of being featured in certain publications, yet these can often be the publications or indeed programmes which can launch their business and their message in a way that more niched and specialised media just cannot.

For example: by being quoted or featured in a specialised food magazine whilst this might well be excellent for your niched audience, those who do not yet know about your wonderful product might never know about you.

Yet by featuring in a large broadsheet in their week-end supplement such as the Observer’s Food Monthly, the reach of your PR would be far larger .

This mainstream reach is often underestimated and undervalued, which I believe is a mistake.

Some publications might not be your own personal preference, yet they are likely where you will discover new leads, new clients and new raving fans. It can be hard to remember when we are so very passionate about our product and service and have clear values that the end results is about them and not us.

If you do have distinct preference and detest a particular newspaper, I still advocate even one piece being quoted in, as just a handful of the mainstream papers actually serve as a filter for many many other forms of media around the world, and most certainly for television. Therefore, by being quoted in a particular mainstream paper can often lead to further media requests which less mainstream media coverage would not do .

If you would like to chat more with me about this and arrange a free consultation with me, get in touch.


Love Carrie x

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Carrie Eddins

  • Sherry Bevan says:

    Great food for thought. Go big to go niche.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Thank you so much, Sherry, I appreciate you stopping by and saying this. Yes absolutely 🙂

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