12 ways PR can really help you

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

12 Ways PR can really help you.

1.Brand awareness. PR can first of all make people aware of your brand. This can be very powerful as being seen in places in the media other than just in social media helps you to be taken much more seriously.

For example: by being featured in a magazine which your ideal or soul client reads will register with them as something meaningful, and impactful much more so that just reading a facebook post, yet this is still the case even in 2017

2 .Seen as an authority. and also helps you to be viewed as an authority by your audience and indeed your industry.

By being quoted or being featured in the media people will believe that you know what you are talking about much more so that someone who is just hosting a number of facebook lives, however insightful they might be.

It is all in the perception from being in the media which is perceived as much more valuable than in social media.

3.Generate leads  Being in the will create a number of leads, which could come in the form of new people on your list, or even followers to your business page on facebook because once they have seen you in the media they are much more likely to want to know more about you.

4. Attract more clients. By generating PR for your business, you are becoming much more visible to your audience therefore you will often find that after people have seen you in the media that they will suddenly be far more interested in working with you, in hiring you and in buying from you.

For me, part of this is again about perceived valued and perceived authority, as people view appearing in the media as taking much more courage and confidence than compared to being just on social media.

5. Be invited to do more PR One of my clients talked about hormones in a publication over the summer, was approached through me by the same journalist to speak about hormones in another publication. Yes, often doing PR leads to being invited to do more PR.

6. Sharing your opinions and values.  This summer I was personally quoted in a piece for BBC about veganism, as they were running a lead story of how Jeremy Corbyn was looking at becoming a vegan. You can by sharing your opinions and values do the same with PR too.

7. Helping you to help a cause. You could with PR generate exposure for a cause you are supporting and help them too through raising awareness about their cause, and funds too.

8. Disagree with an industry influencer.  This can stir up some controversy and publicity for your ethical business. Only you’ll make sure you are on solid ground before you disagree publicly.

Be ready, willing, and able to back up your views with sound facts and figures and then get ready to talk to the press. This isn’t as scary as it sounds, I promise.

If you work with me, you’ll be primed ready to face the media with. It’s more than just tea and cake when we work together!

9. Create something new or improved. People love the words “new” and “improved” so leverage that for publicity. Take something in your industry and make it better.

10. Publish a book. You might be surprised how much publicity you can earn from publishing. It boosts sales, traffic, and opt-ins too.Re-launch your website. Update and overhaul your website. Then host a launch party that builds awareness and attention for the changes and improvements.

11 .Stand up for someone. Whether off line or online, when you see someone being treated unfairly, stand up for them. Not only are you doing the right thing but you may get some positive attention about your good deed.

12.Give them something free. Freebies are great for generating publicity. You can create reports and other information products and give them away without losing money.

I trust that you have enjoyed this post and I would love to know how it has helped you. For more support and help get it touch to see how I can help you generate more PR for you and your company.


Love Carrie x


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