Why your story did not get picked..

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

I am sharing a harsh truth here, so I’d grab a cuppa and a few biscuits…

Right, are you sitting comfortably,  and are you ready?

The harsh truth behind your story not getting picked is because you have not blogged.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Seriously Carrie? Yup.  Time to dunk that biscuit. You see these journalists are seriously busy people.

It boils down to this if you cannot articulate why you help and how you help others, a PR person, even me, or any journalist cannot help you at all.

Let’s step into the journalists shoes for a moment..

Imagine you are a journalist looking for a voice of expertise. So, you start your search. Did you know that most computers in work places do not allow access to facebook?

I know many of you do facebook lives? So, they cannot see those during the day.

Did you know that You Tube is banned at many offices, so you repurposing your content there is useless to them too.

Even if you upload a snippet of your video to Linked on, only half of them will see it as only half of them are allowed on it. And even then, the play is limited.

Then of course there is Twitter, where only a snippet is seen too. And many of you link your Twitter to your facebook page so it’s back to the beginning again. So, what would a journalist do?

Well, they will spend five minutes in Google and be searching someone else that is what, or even searching on Twitter.

I experienced this first hand,  recently when I was speaking to a journalist who was looking for an expert opinion, she came back to me and said whilst your client might have a number of courses and have written several books, I cannot see any written blogs  on the site, therefore I cannot use them.

Jaw-dropped, still Sarah Arrow had mentioned this to me months ago and you know I am human and sometimes I need to hear it several times before the proverbial penny drops.

So, here I am to you now advocating that to support your PR activities whether you are going solo or working with me you must be blogging, and blogging regularly.

The lady who got me into this and keeps me inspired with blogging is Sarah Arrow who runs a thirty day blogging challenge, for just a pound, and it has been going for ten years this year, so it is not just a flash in the pan thing, neither is she by any stretch. She has written over nine thousand blog posts ,yes you read that correctly.

You want you story to be picked, so do I want your story to be picked.

So get into the blogging and start sharing your opinions, your journey, your insights, your unique experiences so that you will not be ignored by the media any more.

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Love Carriex

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