5 Ways Stella Morris can teach you about connection

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

I admit, I love the programme ‘Stella’ it has been written and created by Ruth Jones, who co-wrote Gavin and Stacey which I loved.

It is based in South Wales in a small community in Ponteberry, and it revolves around Stella Morris and her family and close-knit community. She is known as a caring, loving and supportive mum of three who often fails to do things as planned.

Often things work out well for her, in the end.

Here’s a short blog post about what she can teach you, even as a fictional character about creating emotional connection in your business; which is a LOT.

1. Stella leads with her heart. In every encounter she has with her family or her close-knit community she comes from a place of love and empathy.

Whether this is about supporting one of her family such as her son who found it hard leaving home to go to University or it was helping her husband ‘s one night stand have somewhere temporary to stay whilst she was sorting herself out, she just loved them.

This is something that when you are in business you are do also. Whatever is happening, good or bad, right or wrong, by loving and empathising with your clients; although not always easy to do, it will help you in many many ways.

2.Her presence means the world to people. Just by being there, in person, Stella was able to support her family and her wider community. This can be something that you can do in your business.

By being present whether virtually or online it will increase your emotional connection between you and your audience which is where the like, trust and the relationship is created and built.

3.She has a laugh. In every episode Stella makes time to have a giggle even if at herself.

For example: she could be trying to put together  a family meal, and not finding that she has all of the ingredients, or trying to become fitter by running up the local hills with her dog instead of walking them and failing.

Still, she makes time to laugh, which makes a world of difference. Her family and her community love her for trying, and love that she has a laugh whilst trying. This is something which when applied to your business could help you too.

People can be far too seriously in life and in business so lightening things up at times can be a wonderful way to create emotional connection with people.

4.Involve others. This is something that Stella has little  choice in, given she has a large family and close connections with her community. She inevitably has people come into her life daily to ask her for something or other.

This means that people are involved in her life whether she likes it or not. So that she is rarely on her own.

Applying this approach in business can be wise because it can mean that you are creating a community whist you are working which is a wise approach as people love to belong and become part of something; including the growth and development of a business.

5.Be supportive  In every episode there is something going on, some kind of drama or situation which requires Stella’s help either privately or publicly.

She manages to be supportive to those in need, even without them knowing sometimes, such  is the extent of her love and support. People just know that she cares and know that she is supportive.

Bringing this approach into your business is one that will serve you well and your business; as one of the most important things is that your clients know that you are supportive to them in their lives.

And that’s it, a short but powerful blog.

I’d love your comments and welcome your feedback.


Love Carrie x




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