The flawed heroine vs the sensitive flawed heroine

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RE: The Flawed heroine vs. the sensitive flawed heroine. 

I typically with my Spiritual PR work,  with sensitive female entrepreneurs, who are very often super sensitive so they might be what is called an ’empath,’ who are people who have sensitivity on steroids so can feel what other people are feeling so much so that they can step into their energy and hearts and know what is really going on inside of other people. Yes really. I am one too, so I totally understand them. For example, sometimes it can be hard to disconnect with people emotionally, energetically and mentally, even through being online so suddenly I might feel upset and then later on remember that I was connecting with someone who was upset and I unconsciously ended up taking on their ‘upset,’ so I had to disconnect from them.

These sensitive female entrepreneurs when they are working their way through my flawed heroine process, which is all about helping them to show up as their real selves, their imperfect selves in their content, which I take them through when they work with me, need to look at this on another level. For example: say I am asking them to identify a vulnerable story which they might not have shared before, they could become so overwhelmed with emotion that they might find it hard to express their true feeling and if they do they might fear that they will get stuck they can become resistant; unless supported by someone like me.

Constrast this behaviour to a less sensitive female entrepreneur who whilst she might feel uncomfortable sharing, so would unlikely feel the emotion as deeply so would just go through this process of the flawed heroine much faster and much easier.

What is the point of all of this Carrie? Strange as it might sound, my Flawed heroine course is aimed at both the sensitive flawed heroine and the flawed heroine, as both kinds of female entrepreneurs could benefit from this course as emotional connection in connect is the thing that is most needed yet less time is spent on developing it.

What does a flawed heroine vs. a sensitive flawed heroine look like? 

To illustrate just what I mean by this recent dimension to my flawed heroine course which is currently being beta-tested by some super sensitive female entrepreneurs and some female entrepreneurs I am going to share examples of their contrasting responses.

  1. The flawed heroine will share a story of her being a shocking housewife, like leaving her car keys in the fridge, not remembering to pick up her kids from school as she is often so in her ‘business brain,’  and she would be able laugh at herself like Bridget Jones and let it go and move on to the next sentence.   Whilst the sensitive flawed heroine, will share the same kind of story about her being a  shocking housewife like leaving her car keys in the fridge, not  remembering to pick her kids up from school, as she is often so in her ‘business brain.’ However whilst she might be able to laugh at herself, it could well be through tears, and she could be reliving it whilst sharing the story. If she is laughing at herself the sensitive flawed heroine, she would be laughing so hard, she could be crying tears of laughter much like a child. She could well be finding herself becoming upset too, and could risk staying in this place, so would need to call in her ‘calvary,’ to help her out of it. Or even find a way to emotionally ground herself and pull herself out of this space.
  2. The flawed heroine  could be speaking to a new client and explaining what she could do for them and how she could help them. This prospect might ask her what kind of results she might expect and whether she had many contacts across the pond as that was where she wanted to become known, very well-known. She would share her process, honestly and openly and where necessary share that she had not got many contacts yet in the USA, but where there’s a will, there’s a way that it would only be a matter of her time, her attention and her dedication to find the vital one and to create and nurture those relationships  On the other hand, the sensitive flawed heroine might get her ‘knickers in a bit of twist.’ She might share her process, in a bit too much detail, or share far too much about what she does, and even go over time out of fear that she was not enough,  ie qualified enough or experienced enough as  she had not created any strong relationships of note and even try to put the client off out of fear of letting her down.
  3. The flawed heroine might share a post with her group about her realising that she really did not love herself enough and just how it had dawned on her that it was affected not only her own abilities as a mum but it was negatively impacting her business and her results. She might  admit that it had been a ‘blindspot,’ and that she was now seeking specialised help to deal with this so that she could feel better and do better as a woman, as  mum, and as a business owner  Whilst the sensitive flawed heroine well she would post in her group about her realising that she really did not love herself enough and she might without the right support around her spiral downwards emotionally and mentally. She might well actually through sharing so deeply from her heart discover that she was overwhelmed with emotion that it prevented her from doing much so she might have to take a bit of time off. She might even go back and delete the post more out of fear of how others might view her, and wanting to stay stuck in the sense that it was safe. She could even start a dialogue in her groups about this area but find it hard to ground herself emotionally, energetically and mentally, about all of this, and feeling that her sharing has made her feel a whole lot worse. She could even discover that her sharing that she did not love herself enough sparked a hot discussion in her groups as others step forward, which she could be delighted about and could feel energised by this discussion and continue it privately in a more one-to-one setting or create a product or unique service or even business out of it
  4. The flawed heroine could just post something on her page and just let it and move on with her day and her other things that she had planned. Whilst the sensitive flawed heroine  could post something on her page and when people started to respond to their posts she could feel the energy and the emotion behind their responses which she might have to detach from and watch out to not take them so personally.
  5. The flawed heroine  might receive an email explaining why something was late; albeit unplanned late and she would just understand and let it go and move on. Whilst the sensitive flawed heroine might receive an email explaining why something was late; albeit unplanned late and she would be able to discern the real truth of the email sender’s situation and be able to trust that everything would come together as planned and carry on with her day.
  6. The flawed heroine would take part in a Tweet Up and be able to open, honest, upfront and create connections whilst participating in the Tweet up and be able to not take anyone’s criticism too personally, or anyone deciding to undermine her views too personally either, might well actually make a joke out of it privately or even publicly giggling about the ‘agree to differ,’ idea or the ‘you might be right,’ instead of feeling locked into a ‘right or wrong,’ paradigm.  Whilst the sensitive flawed heroine would take part in a Tweet Up and be open, honest, upfront and create connections whilst participating in the Tweet Up and find it tricky not to take people’s tweets to heart. She might find it hard to deal with certain more aggressive tweeters, or those who seem to just want to undermine her. She might though put her heart into it and be able to respond with laughter and love and energy and just ignore those who are trying to prove her wrong. She might find the intensity of a tweet up overwhelming to keep up with so many tweets happening all at once and could find it a bit stressful too so not take part very often. She could find herself deleting a few tweets too, when she said something a bit too deep, or  took something in the moment a bit too sensitively too. She could totally fly during the tweet up too; especially when she tweeted with heart and was the first person to take the ‘piss,’ out of herself. She could be super approachable and show her heart and the heart of her business and be actively encouraging others and supporting them, although this would be much deeper connections and conversations typically than the flawed heroine.
  7. The flawed heroine  would put together an email to someone, check it over once and then send it. Whilst the sensitive flawed heroine put together an email and check it over er a few more times… out of fear of making a mistake.
  8. The flawed heroine would deliver her presentation, share her story with love, laughter and powerfully. The sensitive flawed heroine might well deliver her presentation yet could well be afterwards be anxious on feedback about how it went down, and even she could have prior to it be having a mini-meltdown wondering if anyone would find it useful. During it she might find herself when sharing a particular heartfelt or even rock bottom moment find herself fighting back the tears as she would likely be re-living the experience in order for her to share it authentically


I have just shared a few of the many differences between a flawed heroine and a sensitive flawed heroine to illustrate just how different these two ladies are. For more information about this, you can take part in the beta- testing my my Flawed Heroine™ Course, for just £197  email me personally at; carrie@theblondepreneur.com for more information, and payment details. I’m only taking on a few more people, so I need to check in with each person who is interested in this course at this stage. I am vetting people for this course; as there is much more support offered and because  I want to make my course better, for version 1.1 and beyond. So, if you would like an bit of extra hand-holding and you see yourself as someone who is an early adopter and you are looking to learn how to emotional connect with your female audience much more this course is for you.

I’d love your comments below and welcome any feedback.


Love Carrie X


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Carrie Eddins

  • Shan says:

    I’m a sensitive flawed heroine. You just described me perfectly. Scary but at least I now know why I’m so anxious.

    • CarrieROC says:

      Aw Shan, thanks so much for your honesty. Yes, sensitivity can cause anxiety and can be powerful too. Your sensitivity allows you to be so wonderfully empathetic, which you are, you are a gift to the world x

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