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Dear Lovely Business Owner,

As a female business owner I know many of you are in business so that you can have more time, More time for yourself, more time with your loved ones. More time focussing in bringing your powerful message to the world. You chose many of you, many moons ago to start a small business because you wanting to contribute to the world in a bigger and more meaningful way. You started because you knew that you had something to offer which would actually change people’s lives for the better. I totally understand.

The thing is, because you have sensitive heart, often you are so sensitive it hurts, you cry a lot, you wonder why on earth you are actually in business as sometimes people’s hardness can upset you.

You might be affected, deeply affected by all of the things happening in the world from the terrorist attacks, to certain political figures restricting people, and trying to turn back the society to a much more disempowered time.

You might be up at night fearing for what the world might become for your children and for your grand children, because of so much negativity.

I get this. I find personally it quite hard sometimes to keep going with so much stuff  happening in the world which is not always good, but today after watching a wonderful facebook live’s by a lady who I really resonate with called ‘ Denise Duffield Thomas,’ a straight-talking Australian, I have realised that the reason I am doing what I am personally doing  as I love helping people to connect, to emotionally connect with their own hearts and with other people’s hearts.  I do this through my Spiritual PR and through my ‘Flawed Heroine,’ course but it is so much more than that.

Ever since I was a child, I have always chatted with people and looked at making them feel better than when I found them. It has not always been a conscious thing, rather just something that has always come naturally to me. And I has not always worked, as not everyone is looking for a bit of positivity or a bit of heartfelt connection.. .I remember in my second year at University being questioned by some my then peers about my insistence about speaking to the security guards, the cleaners, well actually all of the University staff to be honest, as they were not students, was I mad, they said. Maybe. Was it something I enjoyed? Absolutely. Did I take this side of me for granted? Absolutely.

Being a small business owner with a sensitive heart is not always easy. It is not always easy to draw strong boundaries with clients and with people. It can be hard to say no to people as your heart-strings can pull at you, as you so dearly want to help people feel better and do better. The challenge can be that the more you give, the less people value you and your contribution. Some people can take kindness for weakness and then not take you seriously or even not want to actually work with you in a paid capacity. I know I have found and whilst I am getting better I know that I have much room for improvement.  It can be hard not to take people’s opinions or rejections personally, I know this too, and again I am learning to deal with this much more and much better now, after a recent situation, which revealed a mismatch between myself and a client who did not like that way I work and questioned it, and fought with me. It was not personal, and initially I took it personally. It was a great insight and a great blessing and now I have redesigned my processes and practices so that I am much clearer on who I serve and how and who I will not serve, which is wonderful and freeing.

A way to help you to raise awareness of your brand and your business is by having someone who understands you shout about you, and raise your profile on your behalf. Subtle hint, this is what I do and where I can help you. I empathise with who you are where you are, so I am perfectly positioned to help and support you. Because I empathise, I can see, feel and understand where you are coming from and help you to get over yourself to attract the business you are deeply wanting. To do so, I will take you through my emotional process which I admit is not for everyone, as I go through steps to help you to become much more relatable to people, through sharing your flaws to create emotional connection which is powerful.

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I’d love to hear from you,

Love Carrie x

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