Female heart-centred entrepreneurs: Is PR for you like clothes shopping with your dad?

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

I wonder if you find PR to be like going clothes shopping with your dad? ie awkward.com. I know many of your do, especially after speaking to quite a few of you over the last few weeks,.

For many of you the thoughts of sharing your heart; especially things which you might find embarrassing, or ashamed about or too silly or too personal, which is what the media love, ie human interest stories, feel like something you would rather avoid. I understand.

As many of you are heart-centred, and often very sensitive you say to me …: ” But Carrie, I share these intimate, embarrassing stories with my clients one-to-one why do I need to share them with the world, or with the media?”  And I’m like…” well, if you want to increase your reach, and create meaningful impact to change the world, and touch the hearts of your audience you have to go beyond your current circle of influence and group,.

Obviously, the media will increase your reach massively, only if you have a willingness to go to them in a way that is all about helping them,supporting them to get the perfect stories and ideas for their publication, for their show, for their whatever, as getting coverage by them is an amazing opportunity to leapfrog your way to success.

Yes really. So, this means.. sharing those stories, you’d rather keep for your girlfriends, or your clients, otherwise you might appear cold, controlled, and yes.. unrelatable.

awkward moment

The thing is, if PR for you is like going clothes shopping with your dad, then you could be a little reluctant. I know whilst I do love my dad dearly, going clothes shopping with him, growing up was always a rather painful process.

When, my sister and I used to go shopping with him, and we knew he loathed every minute and wanted to get it over with as fast as possible. This has not changed, even last week-end when all three of us went to get him some summer trousers for his forthcoming holiday in the sun, it was painful.

He had no idea what colours suited him, which trousers style would work for him, what material combination would be good for him to travel with, or in… and so the list goes on.

Thankfully, there was a lovely lady in the store who came to our rescue, who helped me to identify a slightly shorter leg in the trousers which saved my dad for sending them to have them taken up.

men shopping

The entire process involved quite a few different combinations of colours, or different shaped t-shirts, and jumpers so that not only were the clothes a perfect fit for him, but the colours all worked together and the materials blended. For example: a navy pair of trousers, paired with a  navy v-neck short-sleeved shirt and a turquoise merino jumper looked lovely, although with a navy or red merino jumper it was too much navy, and the red just made his face looker even redder.

He thankfully, just surrendered to the process and in the end, nearly forty-five minutes later seemed grateful for our guidance and the lovely lady in the shop and happy parted with his card to get the job done.  Thank goodness. …

Many of you, I know need a bit of one-to-one help with your PR whilst it is obviously not exactly  like trouser-shopping with you dad, I wonder if you would benefit with a guaranteed forty-five minutes of time with me a month?

I wonder how you would like to be part of an exclusive community of other heart-centred female entrepreneurs just like you, no more than forty-five of you?  For example: you could share with me what publication you would like to feature in, and we would create tailor-made pitch for you together.

As there is no doubt that PR is an art-form, and it’s not just a matter of putting a few words together and hoping for the best, there is quite a bit of thought, that needs to go into it.; much like clothes shopping with your dad. Pitching to random media in the hope for something to stick or come back is akin to handing your dad any pair of trousers hoping that they will fit, futile and a waste of all of our precious time.

I wonder how you would like to be part of my inner circle so receive many of my ideas first, and receive my courses and books either free or at a heavy discount?

Well, after much thought, I’ve decided to do just that. I have decided to start a #SpiritualPR group, for just £67 per month, you get all of the above, as well as being a part of an exclusive group, hidden on facebook where I will be each day, supporting, and helping you. It’s by application-only, so you will need to book in a thirty-minute call with me, unless we have already spoken. To arrange this email:carrie@theblondepreneur.com

high five women

High five women

Remember, if PR is like clothes shopping with your dad, isn’t it time you hired a personal stylist.. er sorry some PR support to help you stop window-dressing with your PR, and really get yourself out there into the world to share your message and yourself to create more meaningful impact. Don’t wait too long, as I’ve only forty-five places. Or, of course you can hire me to work with you more intensively here too: http://www.theblondepreneur.com/spiritual-pr/


Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Sarah Negus says :

” I have been working with Carrie for two months now. I am super happy with her service, efforts and enthusiasm. She has taken my ‘spiritual speak’ and helped turn it into something that can be understood by others. Her process of ‘Bridget Jonesifying’ really helped me to chunk down my language and my message. The responses from publications have been exciting. Within two weeks of working together I was accepted as a ThriveGlobal blogger and I am currently being featured in Soul and Spirit Magazine – in terms of my life. Carrie has such an understanding of how to build relationships and tweak pitches so that my visibility grows and grows. I’m in it for the long haul with Carrie, I love working with her. If you get the chance to do the same, jump at it, you won’t regret it.” Sarah Negus http://www.sarahnegus.com

Get in touch today, about my  #SpiritualPR group, for just £67 per month,. It’s by application-only, so you will need to book in a thirty-minute call with me, unless we have already spoken. To arrange this email:carrie@theblondepreneur.com

Love Carrie xx p.s my dad loves LOVES LOVES his trousers, t-shirts and turquoise merino top, and he does look really handsome in them… thank goodness:)


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