5 reasons why flawed is the new black

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There is something definitely going on this year, with people sharing from their heart more so than ever before. For example: Roger Federer during the Wimbledon tennis tornament shared that get got nervous before matches, which he had never shared before, so inspiring and then even more inspiring was he went onto win it for the eighth time.

In the entrepreneurial world, many females, are starting to really  share their ‘flawedness’ such as Mel Robbins, one of the most successful female speakers in America, who shared a picture of her literally washing by hand her families laundry as she forgot to check if there was a washing machine at the holiday home where her family were staying, it just made you love her that little bit more .https://melrobbins.com


Why do is flawed becoming the new black?

  1. People are looking beyond the perfect graphics, the perfect posts and the perfect life that no-one has and are craving much more emotional intimacy so by sharing something less robotic, and less perfect about your life creates this emotional intimacy and emotional connection, and an authentic connection with people. One lady recently shared her cartoon of what it was like to have a smear test in the doctors, which unsurprisingly went viral, so many women related, as they are painfully embarrassed too by the prospect of having a random stranger put an alien, cold object inside them, especially in an unromantic setting.- Take a look at www.betamummy.co.uk
  2. Metrics and data only get you so far. So many people are boasting about I have this many people on my list, or I have this amount of followers, and really without any kind of depth with your community, emotional depth and connection, it can be meaningless. Meaning comes from connection, and connection often comes through sharing yourself, even parts that you might find silly, inconsequential or ‘unbusiniesslike.’ For example: one of my clients works in Social media who is German and I  said ” You have German logic,  which is great coupled with oodles of empathy and a sense of I will get it done, which you need to share, as people will connect with this,” Well,she followed my advice  and has so many people come forward and want to get to know her better and even work with her as result, as previously she had just shared in a much more formal and data-centric way.
  3. Behind the scenes marketing is becoming more prevalent with the likes of Snapchat, facebook lives, for example, which is endearing someone people much more with their audience. This rawer and more authentic side to what is really happening in their world behind the scenes is helping people to understand, value and appreciate the amount of work it takes for people to build and create a successful business which makes a profit. These behind the scenes approaches create a wonderful sense of emotional connection, as you know sometimes you can see someone’s real skin, without makeup,  you see them in their work-out gear, you meet their pets, and you warm to them, instead of purely seeing the perfectly presented slick image all the time.
  4. We all hate being sold to, and sharing a story about something in your life which you might be laughing about or struggling with, more often than not creates emotional connection. For example: One of my clients, Karin Monster-Peters,  recently shared how her son had suddenly become poorly and so she asked her community for their advice. She actually works with parents and kids, but by her asking for help and advice, revealing that she did not know all the answers, did it put them off heavens no they just edged a little bit closer as they just loved her honesty and her realness. She can be found at http://www.thevibrantsensitive.com
  5. Finally beauty of the power of being flawed is you often will be sharing your ‘how to’s which is what women especially require before taking action. For example: I shared recently that I was quite scared to go to an early breakfast business networking meeting, which I really was during a live tweet ups and I had so many lovely messages from people sharing tips and strategies on how to deal with it. After it, I felt loved and cared for, and it has inspired me to write a blog post shortly about how to network in the early morning. For example: if you are still not quite awake, just stand by the coffee machine, or the kettle in this instance as the coffee machine had broken down and just chat to people.
    Reasons why flawed is the new black

    So lovely to be so supported

For more ways to leverage being flawed, I’m still beta-testing my course, for female entrepreneurs who are heart-centred, purpose-driven and often sensitive. Email me for more information: carrie@theblondepreneur.com.


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