How Buddhists can help you boost your business

Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Reverence much? How Buddhist can help you boost your business through reverence.

After a week-end on a Buddhist retreat up in Yorkshire, at the Madhyamaka Centre    

one the biggest take-away for me, was reverence,

The moment, Bridget Heyes,was the star attraction on the retreat. entered this huge tent we were in, an otherworldly silence descended.

You read that correctly… an otherworldly silence descended..

Everyone stood up, and stood to her divine attention, with deep reverence for her, it was palpable.


Some people, even genuflected… Genuflection means to literally lie on the floor out of deep respect, and yes that level of  REVERENCE for someone. ..

Bridget,  s the Spiritual Director of the Uk  of the Kadampa  Buddhist tradition; Unusually, she is a mum, she never wears robes, or has her head shaven, as  it was agreed she would have more mainstream appeal, as a civilian.

She shared with us, her ‘Bridget Moments,’ of forgetting things, getting her prayers wrong, finding it hard to find time to meditate every day, as well as fit in all her mummy and wifely duties.

Maybe you are wondering what reverence has to do with you and your business ?  Well….

When you and your brand are revered people come to you deeply respecting you. ie. I know Lenka is deeply revered here for her work, and her care and support.

When you and your brand are revered people contact you with a specific level of expectation and end goal in mind. i.e. I know for me, when I started working with Sarah Negus, i knew something amazing would happen, and I was not wrong, she changed my life and shifted childhood trauma, completely.

When you and your brand are revered there is a value that they have for you and what you do. i.e. Just anything that Sarah Arrow has suggested to me, has literally changed my business and she even created my business idea,

It’s not wonder I’m always mentioning her to anyone in business.

A way to short-cut your own reverence in your business is with PR.

SpiritualPR is not just any PR as it gets you seen in places and ways that are meaningful to you and your audience.

Personally, recently appearing on the BBC main news page, has given me a whole new level of reverence from my local community and indeed my peers, I would love this for you too.

Whilst I cannot guarantee that people will start to genuflect when they meet you, I can guarantee that once you have gain PR through me, you will be more revered by those who matter to you.

You can work with me in only two ways.

Through SpiritualPR Heavenly Club, which is filling up, and after my education over the week-end I’m now only allowing twenty more members in, as opposed to thirty. Here’s more info about it :

Through my SpiritualPR more tailored package here:

Working with me, to increase people’s reverence for you is by application only.

Pm me to arrange a chat,

Much love, Carrie x

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