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Dear Lovely Business Owner,

Last Thursday I was on a train from Sheffield up to east Yorkshire and all was pretty quiet until a group rowdy football fans entered the train.

They were all wearing their Doncaster shirts and all were armed with their smart phones on loud speaker; obviously they were following other live matches even after they had had their weekly fix of a live match for their beloved team.

To say that they were loud, is an understatement. Most people at after nine thirty pm on a train, were much more subdued and actually just flicking through their phones or ipads. Not these men. They were merry, to say the least. But it was their striking passion which made me pay attention.

Every time someone scored a goal, this one chap, stood up and shouted : ” Goal” from the top of his lungs. His enthusiasm unavoidable. He just did not care. He was in his element. As we all the other men.


They were loving being together and listening and commenting on live football. There were moans about  footballers being too spoilt and not knowing how the other half lived.

They were moans about a drinks stand, with a beautiful young lady serving them all, that they were over-charging them all. Beer for £5.90; not a chance, they collectively boomed.  Had the price been  £3.90; in a heartbeat they would have all bought at least one. They were Yorkshire men after all and not fools. They all confessed how much they enjoyed time away from their missus and time to just be.

This one chap, the very enthusiastic one started to add his rather colourful language to the group commentary so was swearing a lot.

This personally was starting to get on my nerves a bit, and I was on the verge of saying something  along the lines of :” could you just swear a little bit more quietly,’ when he said something which not only touched my heart but the entire carriage’s heart. Yes really.

One of the chaps said, let’s say his name was Dave: ” Dave, how come you don’t come to our older men’s football session on a Tuesday?” Dave said :” Well, I’d love to, but my daughter’s  got special needs and it’s the only day I get to see her.”

We all collectively melted. All of us.

As the gents walked off the train, you could see how much fun and how much meaning that they had got from being together at the match and on the train. They were all still laughing and lots of back-patting was going on.

They all looked across at me and smile and I thanked them for the live entertainment 🙂

What’s this got to do with my business Carrie?


This story highlights the importance of being passionate not matter what other people think

This story shows that it is important to be around people who love and accept you no matter how much you swear.

This story reveals just how important it is to be as public about your passion instead of just behind a screen.


Imagine if you had a group of people like Dave did on that train, to listen to you, to support you and to egg you on?

Imagine if you had a group of people like Dave who were encouraging you to go for it and shout and swear to your heart’s content?

Imagine if you had a group of people like Dave who were inviting you along to events like older gents football?

Well, this is where more clients come in. As nothing ever can replaces the power of support and a group dynamic.

I’ve started this with my SpiritualPR Heavenly membership club, where mostly ladies, who might well be football fans and might well not be, we have not gone there yet, are rooting for you, are there for you and are supporting you.

I’ve decided recently that I am limiting my numbers to just thirty as after spending last Saturday with a group of Buddhists, I am revering my work a lot more and being part of my community is a sacred thing so I’ve changed my mind and am now allowing less people in .

Here’s more information.

If you want to take it up a notch, and become one of my VIPS, then here’s the information about this. This is not for everyone as it will mean that I am pitching for you every week, often multiple times so you can fully focus on what you do best.

Both are by application only.

Both of options, will give you the chance to work closely with me, and help you like Dave share his story of needing to have time with his daughter with special needs. It still melts my heart now, just thinking about it, as I had judged him, like everyone else on the train, after his endless expletives, after he said that I just wanted to give him a big hug.

I  would love your comments and I look forward to hearing from you,

Love Carrie x


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