Is lack of influence driving you to distraction? You are not alone!

Dear Lovely Business Owner, 

I know many of you have a huge world-changing message! It’s your time now, I geddit, totally and utterly, I really do.

What my recent trip to NYC has taught me,  and actually helped me to believe; more than anything is that anything is possible, yes really.

 For those of you who do not know the story. Out of a one mentoring session with Sarah Arrow, on Monday 23rd October, purely based on Sarah’s idea,

I did a facebook live which made me £4k, so I could afford to go to the National Publicity Summit in New York City, on Thursday 26Th October, when I even made another £1K a day later! Yes really. 

This magical trip only happened because of the idea Sarah gave to me, and I took action  on it; otherwise my dream of attending Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit, which I had been trying to do all year, well really for the last nearly ten years, as it is a very cool investment…might not have happened.. this year.

I did not.. want to wait until April 2018, the date of Steve’s next Summit. 

Thankfully I did not have too! Yah!! I spent three intense days meeting the American media which  was an utter joy; even thought I was jet-lagged and inbetween time zones, nothing, absolutely nothing beats meeting people face-to-face! It was so much fun, so interesting and so wonderful1 

What’s a great way to create and build influence so share your world-changing message?  Well it’s PR ladies! It’s PR! Of course it is! 

I know to many of you PR, well it’s like learning Chinese and you have no clue how to do, or even where to start! I get you, I’m like this with.. well facebook ads, for example, and er make -up!

Luckily for you, I had another mentoring session with Sarah Arrow who helped me to come up with some PR courses to help you to do your own PR, which walk you through the basics to the more advanced strategies.

( Thank god, the universe and all of the angels for Sarah, as being a structurally-challenged dyslexic, …. it might have taken me a while to come up with these courses, if I am being really honest….)

Here’s  some more information about them, so you can see how you can create and build more influence about your business with PR: 

Course One = A 1000% more Visibility -Basic PR course

During this course you will hear my own PR story, ie why I do what I do…  🙂

You will understand exactly what PR is and how it works.

You will discover what it is like to be a journalist for the day!

You will find out just how to put your own One Sheet together which is something that many media people need!!

Course Two = 10,000 % More Visibility – Intermediate PR Course

During this course you will learn how to put together stories which are valuable to the media, ie that they want to know more about.

-You will learn how to pitch journalists effectively.

-You will learn how to actually keep on pitching and pitching and PITCHING!!

Course Three = 1,000,000 % More Visibility – Advanced PR Course

During this course I will share how to come up with professional pitches that are hard for the media to ignore.

-I will share how to newsjack, a unique supercharging your PR strategy.

-I will share some insider tips on how get more PR with less effort.

There will be a series of bonuses in the form of expert interviews with Sarah Arrow Annabel Kaye +other surprise guests!

.***These were due to be released on my birthday 12.12.17! 

Yes really.

But I’ve had a few technical hitches… very mercury retrograde, so they will now be going live on 18.12.17, which is just so exciting!! 

Each course is priced at £97 each. 

Drum roll please… … I have a birthday special deal for you!!

The price of each course is £97. So, for all three the investment is £291.

From today until 18.12.17;  I have a three for two deal, so you just pay £194, instead of £291.

Pay via

And that’s all ladies!

I know that PR is a wonderful way of creating and building influence in the world through your business and I’d love to help you do just that!

Onwards + upwards! 

Love Carrie xxx

p.s Any questions just ask me! But no responses will be given on 12.12.17 as  it’s my birthday and all I am doing is eating tea, cake, and spending time with my family!! My courses will ‘arrive,’ on 18.1217; giving you time to start creating + building influence before the start of 2018! How cool is that! Sarah Arrow can be found at www.sarkemedia.com

Is lack of influence driving you to distraction? You are not alone



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