How to supercharge your PR

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Re: How to supercharge your PR

Now what I am sharing with you today, is  a way to supercharge your PR, It is not for everyone.

It might not be for some of you sensitive business owners, or heart-centred entrepreneurs, at least not at the start of your PR journey.

Once you have got some PR under your belt you might do a ‘Shan Marshall,’ and put your ‘courage socks,’ on and give it a go.

So what am I talking about?

I am talking about what is known as ‘newsjacking,’

Today, I am sharing the wonderful tweets from Madalyn Skylar’s Social ROI guest Mitch Jackson,

who ‘newsjacks’ a LOT, with great success and shares some great tips here.

It is as the lovely Ai Zhang explains..

I love Mitch Jackson’s visual below which explains it more fully.



How do you do it then?




So… you need to be on Twitter, where the news breaks first. I would suggest a time, but really there is not a particular time, as the

news breaks there all around the clock and the globe.

So, maybe you could look at doing this once a week, at a particular time, and look at this as a process, that the more you do it, the

easier it will become.

The value of this, is that it can  be that :

How to do it according to Mitch?

Make sure you weave it into what you do for a living, so you get the supercharged exposure.

Absolutely strangely and sadly I have seen people trying to do this during times of tragedy. Not advisable.


You need to act fast though to avoid missing out, as I experienced earlier this year, I did not act quick enough, so my client missed out.

Adding your views live through social media and then even linking it to your Twitter Profile and pinning it at the top

would help accelerate the process too.

Another great tip for repurposing your content which I know my mentor Sarah Arrow would love.



Always about playing the long-game. So, yes start before you newsjack developing relationships with reporters, as this will create

more often than not a much better response and you be more likely to get a response, and become a trusted source too.

Mitch suggests keep your opinions short, too and simple, and become their trusted source.

The heart of his success is to be fast, efficient and specific in your opinion,  and let the reporter know your story will be different.

Also, developing relationships with reporters, and ask them if they would like to be on a list for updates too.

He advocates keeping things positive, and always be thinking about how you can add value.

And finally… more words of wisdom are…

Do let me know if you have found this useful and let me know how you get on.

I would like to shout out to Madalyn Skylar and her Social ROI community, and to Ai Zhang and Mitch Jackson too for sharing so much experience and wisdom about newsjacking. so exciting 🙂

I’d love your comments too 🙂

Love Carrie x


This not having a ‘call to action,’ is a departure for many business owners, still, the pays offs could establish your brand

on a global scale, so they are not necessary, as you are grabbing people’s attention, indirectly about your brand through your views.

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Carrie Eddins

  • Hi Carrie- Thank you so much for sharing the Twitter chat. I had a blast chatting about the various newsjacking ideas that have worked well for us over the last 10-15 years. It’s an exciting and unique way to add value to new audience while at the same time, expanding your brand from local to global. Always here for you and your community! Mitch

    • CarrieROC says:

      Hi Mitch, my pleasure and thank you so much for dropping by and your insightful and inspirational tweeting during the Tweet up. You I admit, have re-inspired me to use this supercharging technique again with my clients, after trying earlier this year and failing at it.
      Aw thanks so much, that really means a lot, it is good to know 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful week-end, Sincerely, Carrie 🙂

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